GirlsOutWest Fox & Mia Amethyst - Fuck Tales - 12 November 2022

12-11-2022, 13:32
GirlsOutWest Fox & Mia Amethyst - Fuck Tales
GirlsOutWest Fox & Mia Amethyst - Fuck Tales - 12 November 2022
Mia Amethyst and Fox are indulging themselves in some literary delights, snuggled up on the floor. It’s lovely, when having some RnR, to have your lover’s warm skin on you somewhere, as you just indulge yourselves into your own thing. Mia has written a very sexy erotic story, and would love to share a passage with Fox, her muse. As she reads, Fox begins to feel a slow warmth glide over their body, flushing their cheeks before sweeping its way down their soft, perky breasts, over their hips and belly, before flooding their labia and clitoris with a rush of passion. Their hips move slightly on their own, as Mia cradles them, reading more, divulging more into this sexy story. They come in for a passionate kiss, fuelled by the literary fire warming their erogenous zones, making them sensitive to the touch of the other.
GirlsOutWest Fox & Mia Amethyst - Fuck Tales

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lapona 28 November 2022 00:58
A thoroughly enjoyable scene indeed. A voluptuous and delectable pair in action & Mia is one of my favs.
ligolize 28 November 2022 00:59
Fox is so sexy and both have beautiful hairy pussys, love to see Mia squirt in fox’s mouth
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