GirlsOutWest Fawn & Hannah - Tee Good Fortune - 2 October 2022

2-10-2022, 12:04
GirlsOutWest Fawn & Hannah - Tee Good Fortune
GirlsOutWest Fawn & Hannah - Tee Good Fortune - 2 October 2022
Fawn has heard great things about Hannah Tee’s psychic prowess and has come to get a reading from her. She steps into the reading room and takes a seat. Hannah Tee instantly sees very sexy times ahead for Fawn. There’s also something very familiar about the steamy visions Hannah is receiving about Fawn’s future… It's almost as if she recognises the way Fawn’s legs tremble as she orgasms, or those lusty eyes gazing back up at whoever’s pussy Fawn is eating… Of course! The waiting room! These two not-strangers-anymore remember that lust filled encounter with delight and go in for round two… Rimming, hair pulling, the feeling of the cowskin rug on their soft skin as they fuck on the floor, oof!
GirlsOutWest Fawn & Hannah - Tee Good Fortune

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Irishka 26 November 2022 07:31
Any scene with Hannah Tee gets a 10/10 from me. Her curves are perfection. Also, her beautiful brown eyes are so entrancing, that if she were to try practicing her psychic abilities on me, I'd no doubt become an abject slave. Bent to her will for all eternity... Fawn is adorable too! The solar system tattoo is appropriate, because her beauty is out of this world. And the fox tattoo on her lovely leg is fitting too, because she's a stone fox if ever there was one.

Fawn and Hannah together is just marvelous ❤️ You all are so sweet with your support and love! We absolutely loved the heat between these two for sure! Check out their other scene, 'Waiting Game', if you havent already ;) xx

I love the style GirlsOutWest has but I wish the girls sucked a little more, or dived further into the vagina for oral sex. I do like Penelope's scenes and Emerald's they're good at it.
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