GirlsOutWest Olive G & Ripley - Backyard Cricket - 17 September 2022 (1080p)

17 September 2022
GirlsOutWest Olive G & Ripley - Backyard Cricket
GirlsOutWest Olive G & Ripley - Backyard Cricket - 17 September 2022 (1080p)
Olive G and Ripley are enjoying some fun in the sun with a game of cricket! With the sun beating down, both of their ‘game on!’ faces on, sexy sporty outfits, they take turns pitching and smacking the ball, giggling and having a fantastic day out! Coming inside, Olive G and Ripley tuck into some juicy JUICY oranges, devouring them while making sultry looks at each other. Ripley cuts to the chase and drizzles orange juice all over her chest. Olive G takes the not-so-subtle hint and confidently comes over to run her tongue over Ripley’s tits, stopping at her nipples to suck them. The sexy duo begin kissing, and in the heat that they have created, move over to the shelving to begin fucking. Kissing and undressing, Ripley brings over a chair for Olive G to hoist a leg up onto and begins kissing down Olive G’s body while rubbing and inserting her fingers into Olive’s pussy. Olive G props Ripley’s leg up and it's Ripley’s turn to receive now, Olive G begins licking her asshole while rubbing her pussy as Ripley moans from having both of their holes rubbed and fingered. Ripley turns around and both babes lick each other’s armpits mid sex. Ripley then sits Olive G back, eating her pussy, before sitting her up to finger her before Olive G squirts! Olive G sits Ripley down and begins to finger her while flicking her clit with her tongue until Ripley cums hard too! With the fun, light hearted rivalry sizzling down into post sex bliss, the two happily walk outside, oranges in tow to munch them in the sun.
GirlsOutWest Olive G & Ripley - Backyard Cricket

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Irishka 26 November 2022 07:06
People say you shouldn't compare apples and oranges, but this video couldn't be made with apples, so fuck apples, oranges or bust. In this case oranges and bust, hell yeah! On a side note, if all cricket players were this cute I'd watch it so much that I'd actually understand the game and be able to tell you the difference between wickets and wickets.

Fantastic scene! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the pit licking! Love Olive's bush, pits and ass crack hair. The squirting shot was absolutely amazing, loved the squirt drenching Olive's ass crack hair.

Oh, my that was such a good scene. I made a puddle of my own watching Olive make one. Great chemistry, they're clearly having fun, down to earth, sensual, just classic GOW.
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