Ersties Susy - Intimate Moments - 14 March 2023

16-03-2023, 07:03
Ersties Susy - Intimate Moments
Intimate Moments with Susy
Susy would like to open her own restaurant someday, so she is busy studying administration. The love for catering runs in her family’s blood, she says. When she’s not studying, she loves hentai, the type with tentacles that snake between a woman’s legs, making their vulva wet. She also loves it when her boyfriend sucks on her feet and runs his tongue between her toes. With such beautiful feet as open-minded Susy has, it's a dream for everyone. The Spaniard is very open and easily tells us about her intimate fantasies in a matter that will make you want to try it for yourself. In this Intimate Moment, Susy gives her toe a blowjob and shows us her gorgeous breasts - on her shirt and underneath it.
Ersties Susy - Intimate Moments Ersties Susy - Intimate Moments
Born in the same city as Spanish author Cervantes, Susy loves sexual fantasies and is enthusiastic about hentai. These artful, imaginative, erotic comics make her feel a lot more aroused than ordinary hardcore porn could ever do.
Ersties Susy - Intimate Moments
Intimate Moments: Foot Blowjob
Through her boyfriend, Susy discovered the thrilling pleasure of him licking her feet. Especially when the tongue slides into the sensitive spaces between the toes it makes Susy incredibly wet. Because her boyfriend is not around for this Intimate Moments shoot, Susy just does it herself and gives her big toe a blowjob. Susy is not the only one who is wet...
Ersties Susy - Intimate Moments
Intimate Moments: Squirting Susy
It looks like an ordinary pouf, but it's Susy's secret sex toy hiding place. Susy is already super wet and makes herself even wetter with her spit. In part two of her Intimate Moment shoot, she uses her second favourite toy, and then for the finale, finds her favourite toy which makes her as wet as Susy can get!
Ersties Susy - Intimate Moments

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