Ersties Catty - Just Breathe

22 May 2024
Take a deep breath and relax with Catty as she shares her hobbies and passions with us before taking us to her apartment and setting the mood with some candles. Enjoy her gentle moans as she explores her body and indulges in some sensual self-love.
Ersties Catty - Just Breathe
Just Breathe
Get to know Catty as she chats to us about her favourite anime characters and what it’s like to go to a cosplay convention. She’s curious about food chemistry and has a passion for Japanese and Korean cuisine. Can you believe she’d rather have sushi than pizza?! Bringing us back to her apartment, Catty lights some candles and starts to relax. We get a glimpse of her sexy Christina piercing as she undresses and sensually explores her body with her hands. Catty breathes deeply as she uses her fingers to play with her clit and pussy before turning up the heat, dripping candle wax on her chest and thighs. We can’t get enough of her moans!
Ersties Catty - Just Breathe Ersties Catty - Just Breathe Ersties Catty - Just Breathe
Cosplay, Sushi, and Sex
Get to know Catty as she shows us around an anime shop. She’s into cosplay, manga, drawing, and hanging out with her friends. Catty explains how it feels to cosplay as a specific character. She’s also passionate about Asian food and would choose sushi over pizza any day. Taking us to her apartment, Catty lights some candles and chats to us about her tattoos, sex life, and favourite toys. We can’t wait to see more!
Ersties Catty - Just Breathe
Finger Sensations
It’s time for some self-love with Catty! Enjoy her sensual breathing as she slowly slips out of her clothes and massages her breasts and clit. Her legs tremble as she starts to pleasure herself and her breathing turns into gentle moans as she penetrates her pussy with her fingers. Catty mixes things up when she sits on her knees, before returning to a comfy laid-back position, satisfying her sexual desires right before our eyes.
Ersties Catty - Just Breathe
Hot Pleasure
Relaxing on her bed, Catty pours hot candle wax on her chest and thighs, massaging it in with her hands. As she slips off her lace thong, she shows off her sexy Christina piercing before exploring her pussy with her fingers. Catty’s pleasure is palpable through the sound of her deep breaths and gentle moans. Her fingers move faster and faster and her legs tremble as she gets close to satisfaction…
Ersties Catty - Just Breathe

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