Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2 - 20 March 2024

21 March 2024
Our very own Ersties matchmakers have set up Feya with a beautiful girl for this blind date. Instantly connecting and with sparks flying, the girls take things to Feya's apartment where they enjoy pole dancing, and some sensual sex.
Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2 - 20 March 2024
Blind Date
It can be a tricky task to find someone compatible to go on a date with. Despite our seemingly endless options across the array of dating apps available, so many of us are still missing out on that beautiful connection. Luckily, our Ersties matchmakers are at hand to shine a light at the end of this dreary tunnel! Ersties babe Feya has approached our matchmaking experts to find her a blind date. They set her up with another Ersties girl who is also looking to form a special connection. The girls meet up at a bar, hit it off and go to Feya's apartment, where they enjoy pole dancing and exploring an intimate connection with each other.
Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2 Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2 Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2
Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2 Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2 Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2
Find My Match!
Feya has approached the Ersties matchmaking service to find her a lovely girly for a blind date. They set her up with a beautiful girl, and the pair meet in a bar for their date. Though they’re both nervous, once they arrive at the bar, they ease into a little chitchat and play a game to break the ice, getting to know each other on a deeper level and revealing a little more about their personal lives. We catch up with the girls separately to ask them how it’s going. Eventually they decide to go to Feya's apartment together to take things to a more intimate level.
Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2
Pole Dancing Lesson
Once they’re back at the apartment, Feya teaches her blind date Linzi how to nimbly swing around the pole that’s set up in the middle of the room. Things get tactile as Feya lifts up Linzi’s skirt, and they kiss. Linzi strips off Feya’s trousers, bending her over gently to admire her butt. Feya shows Linzi some more tricks on the pole, and gradually the girls take off pieces of clothing one by one, stroking each other’s skin. Feya takes off Linzi’s bra and plays with her nipples, and the girls enjoy each other’s vulvas. Feya goes down on Linzi as she holds onto the pole for stability, and she sits on Feya’s face, riding it slowly.
Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2
Sensual Sex
Feya sits between Linzi’s legs, rubbing her vulva as Linzi plays with her nipples and affectionately strokes her hair. Linzi reaches down and slides her fingers inside Feya, before turning her over onto her front, spreading her legs and fingering her slowly. Feya straddles Linzi’s thigh, rubbing her vulva against it as Linzi fingers her some more. They kiss deeply, and Linzi starts to eat Feya’s pussy until she enjoys a leg-shaking orgasm.
Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2
Ersties Linzi & Feya - Blind Date 2

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