Ersties Kitti - Anal Massage - 5 March 2023

6 March 2023
Kitti has two missions today: First, she wants to show us how she likes to get off by herself. Secondly, she will show us how to bake a beautiful sourdough loaf. She works the dough with a lot of sensuality…and her pussy and butt get some attention, too!
Ersties Kitti - Anal Massage
Kitti Faces Our Brand New Question Format... …and answers 69 questions in her introductory video. Some of them are philosophical, some are funny, and a lot of them are totally debaucherous, of course. Anyone who watches the extra-long exclusive clip will find out, among other things, that Kitty once lived in New York for a year, is not at all interested in politics, and that, sometimes, she “squirts far too much.” We also watch Kitti as she prepares the kitchen for upcoming delicacies... The camera first follows her as she bakes a crunchy sourdough bread, and then we get to watch the chef indulging in some other DIY efforts, including rewarding herself with some physical pleasures… If you like our interview game, please let us know by sending us a message via the feedback function. Of course, you can also give us your opinion on Kitty's hot solo recordings.
Ersties Kitti - Anal Massage Ersties Kitti - Anal Massage Ersties Kitti - Anal Massage
An Anal Massage Leads to a Squirting Climax
First, Kitti sucks on some juicy grapes, then she slides her tongue all over a dildo. It's soon as wet as her throbbing pussy, which can't wait to be stretched by the purple toy. Kitti's butthole isn't neglected in this hot clip either – quite the opposite, because the tattooed blonde can squirt particularly well with anal stimulation!
Ersties Kitti - Anal Massage
Mmmmm, Such Sensual Fingertips!
Exhibitionism comes naturally to Kitti! She usually does household chores naked or in her underwear. Today, bread baking is on the agenda and we love to watch as she kneads the dough. Kitti's most beloved step about baking? While the bread is in the oven, the Ersties lady takes care of heating herself up – and uses the waiting time to have a wonderful orgasm!
Ersties Kitti - Anal Massage
69 Questions with Kitti
Are you good at judging other people? Are you into double penetration? What do you particularly like to bake? These and other mysteries are revealed in our brand new “69 Questions with…” format – this time by Kitti. Above all, the question about her baking skills plays a particularly important role for this Ersties special, because Kitti will spoil us not only with sexy scenes, but also with a culinary highlight.
Ersties Kitti - Anal Massage

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