Ersties Kristina - The Sweetest Kink - 28 February 2023

28 February 2023
Kristina loves sweets and likes to masturbate with them in all kinds of ways. In this delicious shoot with Ersties, she takes inspiration from a small recipe book and then makes a delectable and kinky sweet dessert with some appetising toppings…
Ersties Kristina - The Sweetest Kink
Kristina Gets Horny Over a Banana Split
Kristina loves sweet treats! She enjoys them so much, she gave up her apprenticeship to prepare desserts in a restaurant kitchen. She has a fondness for ice cream, chocolate sauce, sweet fruits and colourful sprinkles, and of course she adores the sweet treats at home. Since a spine-tingling experience with her boyfriend in the shower, Kristina has discovered her desire to masturbate with food. For this decadent shoot, Kristina looks for inspiration in a cookbook and discovers a delicious banana split recipe, which she enjoys spreading all over her body. The chocolate sauce flows freely and the marshmallow crumbles round off this appetisingly kinky dessert perfectly.
Ersties Kristina - The Sweetest Kink Ersties Kristina - The Sweetest Kink Ersties Kristina - The Sweetest Kink
The Sweetest Kink
Kristina has a special fondness for sweets. The 30-year-old chef not only likes to prepare her sweet treats in the kitchen and then serve them to the restaurant guests, but also likes to create appetising dessert creations on her own body. Kristina's love for food play was revealed during a sparkling champagne shower with her boyfriend, and only becomes stronger the more she experiments...
Ersties Kristina - The Sweetest Kink
Banana Is the Highlight of Kristina’s Kinky Dessert
Just the thought of chocolate spread or a banana split makes Kristina very horny. In the fridge and on the kitchen table, Kristina finds all the ingredients for a sweet dessert, which she first arranges on her body before enjoying herself until she climaxes with ice cream and a banana.
Ersties Kristina - The Sweetest Kink
A Delicious Chocolate Coating for a Decadent Climax
You're not supposed to play with food? Well, yes, you definitely should! Kristina shows you how, by covering herself in chocolate sauce before bringing herself to orgasm with a peach. The marshmallow sprinkles are the cherry on top of this incredibly kinky dessert!
Ersties Kristina - The Sweetest Kink

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