Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 3 - 25 February 2023

26 February 2023
In this special, Ersties oral sex expert Evie hosts a workshop on oral satisfaction and lets the participants Kiara, Léon and Roman experience amazing orgasms after a hot blow-by-blow tutorial.
Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 3
All You Need to Know about Oral Sex!
For some, it's simply an integral part of foreplay; for others, oral sex is the most intimate and erotic of sex practices that can lead to mind-blowing orgasms. We wanted to dedicate an entire special to this wide-ranging topic, so we asked our charming Ersties girl Evie to lead an oral sex workshop. Evie invited the three curious and open-minded individuals Kiara, Léon and Roman, and together they will overcome the general clichés surrounding oral sex and refine their skills through partner exercises, until they give themselves to one another in an intense orgy. But before it comes to hot orgasms and intense oral satisfaction, the four models talk to Ersties staff member Cat about preferences and boundaries, because one thing is clear right from the start and is emphasized again and again by Evie: communication and empathetic foreplay are the keys to great sex. With an open mind and atmosphere, anything is possible, so Evie, with Roman's help, first does a handstand and then is taken up on Léon's shoulders to perform the most acrobatic oral sex act we've seen here at Ersties so far… A standing 69! Get ready for a spectacular special full of intense oral action and fantastic orgasms. And never forget that there's no such thing as too much saliva when it comes to oral satisfaction!
Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 3 Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 3
It Can Never Get Too Wet!
Give or take? Top or bottom? Deep throat or tender kisses? And what does too little sleep trigger in Evie and Kiara? Our curious head of social media Cat takes a behind-the-scenes look at this oral sex special, getting an intimate glimpse into Evie, Kiara, Léon and Roman’s preferences as they tackle this extraordinary subject by sharing their likes, dislikes and some personal oral sex memories with each other.
Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 3 Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 3
Standing 69
The second part of the oral sex workshop is dedicated to blowjobs. Léon and Roman are allowed to have their cocks spoiled by Kiara and Evie. The workshop only gets hotter, as Evie and Léon perform a 69 standing up with the help of Roman before a debauched orgy develops between the quartet, with many intense climaxes. Finally, our charming head of social media Cat meets up with Evie, Kiara, Léon and Roman once again, asking the tricky question of what they enjoyed most in the workshop, and how they regain their strength after an intense shoot like this.
Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 3 Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 3
All about Pussy Licking
The first part of this oral sex workshop is solely dedicated to pussy licking. But before Léon and Roman are allowed to demonstrate their skills under Evie's expert gaze, the two boys first have to watch and learn. It turns out that the two gentlemen are not entirely inexperienced and give Kiara and Evie magical orgasms with their skilled mouths.
Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 3 Ersties Oral Sex Workshop 3

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ComfortZone 26 February 2023 15:34
Thanks. Workshops with Evie are always good heart_eyes smiley
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