Ersties Sex Academy Episode 2 - 11 November 2023

13-11-2023, 00:01
Ersties Sex Academy Episode 2
Consent, Communication and Cunnilingus
Our lucky student, Lux, is on the way to his first class of the Ersties Sex Academy. He’s running late, and this does not go down well with his teacher, Luna T! She starts by expressing her disapproval of his tardiness, before introducing him to the first topic of the day: communication and consent. Open communication about boundaries and desires is an essential part of sex and intimacy. They move on to discussing foreplay and kissing techniques, before trying out some dirty talk. Eager to show he's a fast learner, Lux gets in between his teacher’s legs, as she talks him through exactly how to please her. As a reward for being such an avid learner, Luna offers him the opportunity to get "deeper" into the subject. And how can he refuse?
Ersties Sex Academy Episode 2 Ersties Sex Academy Episode 2 Ersties Sex Academy Episode 2
Consent and Oral Sex
The first Sex Academy class is all about oral sex and consent. Luna T gives Lux the lowdown on what she looks for in a sexual partner: someone who is respectful and listens to her desires! They discuss boundaries, and she tells him about how hot it is to discover what your partner likes and dislikes. Our first lovely teacher gets Lux between her legs and guides him, telling him exactly what to do to give her maximum pleasure. She reminds him that all vulvas are different, and that the advice she is giving is tailored to her wants and needs, it isn’t universal. Luna outlines what consent truly means, how to ask for it and how to give it. She then guides Lux on kissing tips, dirty talk and foreplay. And he turns out to be a really good student, as as he makes Luna squirt.
Ersties Sex Academy Episode 2
Deep, Sweaty Sex
For the second part of his first class of the Ersties Sex Academy, Lux and Luna T let some delicious, slow, and intimate foreplay melt into deep, sweaty sex. They explore different positions, speeds, and pressures, enjoying each other’s bodies and giving and receiving pleasure. After they’ve finished, they lie back and discuss how it went, and Luna reveals that Lux performed very well. Lux reflects on what he’s learnt, especially how “powerful” it felt to communicate and constantly check in during sex.
Ersties Sex Academy Episode 2

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