Ersties Ann J & Ophelia - Budapest Vlog - 3 November 2023

4-11-2023, 21:39
Ersties Ann J & Ophelia - Budapest Vlog
Budapest Vlog
Ophelia is excited to show Ann J around her old hometown, Budapest. Both girls are fans of yoga, and they both love to visit palaces when they travel. Ophelia especially wants to show Ann a beautiful old library in the city. The girls’ connection is instantaneous, and their chemistry is off the charts. Exploring the city together while holding hands and kissing, it’s as though they’ve known each other for years. Their chemistry comes to a crescendo when they’re alone, exploring each other’s bodies in a sensual and gentle yet erotic way. Lots of nipple-sucking, pussy licking, deep wet kissing, and gentle clit stimulation awaits you in this spicy shoot!
Ersties Ann J & Ophelia - Budapest Vlog Ersties Ann J & Ophelia - Budapest Vlog
Ersties Ann J & Ophelia - Budapest Vlog Ersties Ann J & Ophelia - Budapest Vlog
The gorgeous Ann J and stunning Ophelia meet in Budapest for the first time! After following each other on social media for a number of months and with a shared love of yoga and exploring new places, their connection is instant and strong.
Ersties Ann J & Ophelia - Budapest Vlog
Alone At Last
Ann J and Ophelia meet for the first time in Budapest, and these adventurous girls are ready to go out and explore the beautiful city! After a while they go to a beautiful library where they start teasing each other. Once they’re alone together, they kiss and Ophelia lets out a relieved “finally” as things start heating up between them. After sensually sucking on each other’s nipples, Ophelia goes down on Ann, licking and fingering her. We even get a close-up as Ophelia slides her fingers into Ann’s juicy pussy, making her cum.
Ersties Ann J & Ophelia - Budapest Vlog
POV Action
The fun continues as Ann J starts to finger Ophelia, kissing her deeply and sucking on her nipples. She goes down on Ophelia, making delicious eye contact with the camera as she devours her pussy, spitting all over it. After more pussy licking and kissing, Ann slides her fingers inside Ophelia’s pussy, and we get a close-up of the action, her moans loud and intense. Ann goes back down on Ophelia, licking and rubbing her clit until she cums.
Ersties Ann J & Ophelia - Budapest Vlog

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