Ersties Dare Ring - Fetish Edition - 25 October 2023

25-10-2023, 23:30
Ersties Dare Ring - Fetish Edition
Sexy Talk and Dares Galore!
Rylee, Zina, Lexi, Naomi S and Karma join us in our newest Dare Ring: Fetish Edition! The key to great sex is communication, and this Dare Ring has plenty of that! Enjoy watching the action unfold, from the girls sharing their secrets around the circle, to them undressing, kissing, touching, and licking each other. The energy between them charms with sensuality and is loaded with breathtaking kinkiness. They reveal their foot fetishes, breath play kinks, what they love about voyeurism and so much more. The action gets hotter, reaching its boiling point in a full-blown orgy!
Ersties Dare Ring - Fetish Edition
This Dare Ring: Fetish Edition is brought to you by Karma, Naomi S, Zina, Rylee and Lexi. The girls giggle and explore each other together with a sweet, soft, and playful energy that turns a lot naughtier as the games go on!
Ersties Dare Ring - Fetish Edition
Let the Games Begin
Five gorgeous girls get their dares on in this Fetish Dare Ring. Rylee, Zina, Lexi, Naomi S and Karma gather together to play a game with questions, dares, and scenarios which they draw from a deck of cards. Round 1 is full of truths, and the girls spill the tea on foot fetishes, their dream sex toy, and why they like breath play and choking. Round 2 heats up even more, as the girls start undressing, kissing, touching, and massaging each other.
Ersties Dare Ring - Fetish Edition
Let Loose: It’s Orgy Time!
All rules out the window: it's unlimited orgy time! Karma gets to enjoy some puppy play with a bone gag in her mouth. Lexi and Rylee spoil Karma, before fucking her with a double rabbit vibrator. Zina joins in on the rabbit action, and the girls fuck either side of the vibrator, grinding their clits on each other. Naomi S flips upside down and Karma and Zina finger her deeply, all leading to a double orgasm in the grand finale.
Ersties Dare Ring - Fetish Edition
Kink to Make the Girls Wink!
Round 3 gets kinky, with a time limit! Zina puts on her cat ears and ‘paws’ and asks Rylee to help her slide a ‘tail’ into her butt. Lexi asks Rylee to step on her, and an alien dildo comes out which Zina sucks and slides into her pussy. Naomi S indulges in some wax play. The petting gets heavier in round 4 as Rylee pins down Karma, and the girls go to town on each other, fingering and licking each other’s nipples and pussies, and fucking each other with strap-ons.
SErsties Dare Ring - Fetish Edition Ersties Dare Ring - Fetish Edition

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ComfortZone 26 October 2023 20:25
Why not a doafile link?
Irishka 27 October 2023 02:02
It was there, it was removed.
pierre6 29 October 2023 02:58
Why not put it back?
Irishka 29 October 2023 07:07
It is deleted immediately after uploading.

VIP link is working
ComfortZone 9 November 2023 00:04
Thank you Irishka for the re-upload for doafile. I really appreciate it wink grinning
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