Ersties Serafina & Lana - Anal Tutorial - 17 October 2023

19-10-2023, 02:26
Serafina and Lana try to find answers to the big questions "How do you communicate your sexual desires?" and "How to Anal" on the streets of Berlin by chatting to several men who were willing to open up to the two Ersties queens.
Ersties Serafina & Lana - Anal Tutorial
Mysterious backdoor
For this "How to...", our Ersties girls once again headed out to the streets of Berlin to ask various men about their experiences with anal sex. Lana and Serafina engaged in many interesting conversations and were able to dispel some myths and misunderstandings. But what would a "How to..." be without a demonstration? After finishing their street interviews and packed with plenty of impressions, Lana and Serafina take a deeper dive into the topic of anal sex in a tutorial. They talk about proper preparation and whether a penis is absolutely necessary for anal sex. Finally, you can admire the two Ersties queens as they try out a range of different toys for the perfect anal pleasure and crown this "How-to..." with an intense climax.
Ersties Serafina & Lana - Anal Tutorial Ersties Serafina & Lana - Anal Tutorial
Talking about Anal
Our two gorgeous Ersties queens Lana and Serafina went once again to the streets of Berlin, this time to talk to several men about their experiences with anal sex. They collected a lot of opinions, tips and fantasies on this legendary topic. Get inspired by them and learn something new today in this fun street interview.
Ersties Serafina & Lana - Anal Tutorial
Serafina likes Anal
It’s not just men that are into it! And it's perhaps the most myth-busting and least talked about sexual topic of all. Lana and Serafina prove that women can be into anal too and clear up some untruths before they get down with some sexy anal toys and Serafina gets anally stimulated by Lana until she climaxes intensely.
Ersties Serafina & Lana - Anal Tutorial

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