Ersties Luna G - Tasting the Juicy Fruit - 19 September 2023

20-09-2023, 03:22
Ersties Luna G - Tasting the Juicy Fruit
Aroused by the Abundance of the Season
Natural, earthy beauty Luna G is feeling aroused by the richness of the season after a long day working on the farm. The combination of the sea, sun and breeze stimulate her playful side, as she gets ready to find pleasure in the fruits of her labour – quite literally. Gorgeous Luna connects with nature in an authentic way, letting the juice of some exotic fruits drip onto her skin and using them as an organic lube. Using a fruit husk to stimulate her clit, she brings herself to a fiery orgasm. Enjoy watching Luna find inspiring ways to connect with the earth in this delicious shoot.
Ersties Luna G - Tasting the Juicy Fruit Ersties Luna G - Tasting the Juicy Fruit
Our earthy farmer Luna G has curated an extra spicy solo shoot for us after a long day on the farm. She reveals some of her hobbies including her passion for flamenco dancing, which for her is a spiritual practice.
Ersties Luna G - Tasting the Juicy Fruit
A Passion for All Things Natural
After a long day of working the fields, Luna G gives us an in-depth insight into her personal life and her hobbies. Her array of passions is vast and includes a love for flamenco dancing, which she describes as a spiritual and sensual practice. Jumping into the action, Luna leaves no stone unturned, and enjoys using the plants and fruit around her to stimulate herself, bringing her to a shuddering orgasm.
Ersties Luna G - Tasting the Juicy Fruit
Tasting the Juicy Fruit
After getting down and dirty in the great outdoors, Luna G takes a little time out to enjoy some delicious, juicy fruit. Devouring different kinds of stone fruit, Luna uses the sweet extract to lubricate her vulva as she starts to stimulate it with her fingers. Turning around into doggy position, she uses a tall green bean to penetrate her pussy. She brings herself to a shuddering orgasm by rubbing the flesh of a peach on her clit until she climaxes.
Ersties Luna G - Tasting the Juicy Fruit

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