Ersties Fina - Watching my Husband - 9 September 2023

9-09-2023, 21:47
Fina is a housekeeping manager in a hospital by day, she is currently discovering another side of herself: becoming more sexually liberated, confident, adventurous, and being polyamorous.
Ersties Fina - Watching my Husband
Steamy Shower Session
In this voyeur shoot, things get steamy (in every sense of the word), as Fina pays her partner a surprise visit whilst he’s taking a shower. Once she gets there, Fina plays with her pussy, and after noticing her watching, her partner starts playing with himself too. The tension builds up as Fina stimulates her clit, whilst pushing her fingers deep into her juicy pussy. As the couple continue to pleasure themselves, we get some hot close-up shots as they touch all the right spots. Fina’s moans get louder and louder, and as she begins to reach a trembling orgasm, she attempts to stifle her gleeful noises by covering her mouth.
Ersties Fina - Watching my Husband Ersties Fina - Watching my Husband
A Voyeur Fantasy
Imagine being in the shower at home, and your partner sneaks in to watch you, masturbating over how sexy they find you. Sounds hot as hell, doesn't it? Well, in this shoot, Fina’s partner doesn’t have to imagine because that’s exactly what happens. The tension that builds up in this non-verbal yet reciprocal exchange of pleasure is indescribable… and brings Fina to a magical climax as she struggles to contain her excitement!
Ersties Fina - Watching my Husband

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