Ersties Ophelia's Fantasy - 26 August 2023

27-08-2023, 03:23
Together for a year, Ophelia and John are a beautiful couple, with an adventurous spirit when it comes to sex. Their chosen third, Sacha, is a caring and empathetic partner who wants to make their experience as pleasurable as possible.
Ersties Ophelia's Fantasy
We Fulfill Ophelia's Fantasy
A very special shoot awaits you as we bring Ophelia’s Fantasy to fruition! As an open couple, John and Ophelia wanted to invite a male third party into the bedroom. Just like cupid’s arrow, Ersties helped create a match made in heaven, as Ophelia only had eyes for Sacha once she saw him in the Tinder in Real Life 2 shoot. The French heartthrob is down to be part of her dream, and keen to deliver on exactly what she wants. Both men are deeply dedicated to Ophelia’s pleasure. Expect a beautiful blend of passion, roughness and tenderness in this sensational shoot!
Ersties Ophelia's Fantasy Ersties Ophelia's Fantasy Ersties Ophelia's Fantasy
Ersties Ophelia's Fantasy Ersties Ophelia's Fantasy Ersties Ophelia's Fantasy
A Glimpse Behind the Scenes
In this BTS exclusive, we catch up with our lovely couple, Ophelia and John. Reminiscing about the first time he set eyes on Ophelia, he describes being absolutely captivated by her energy. The pair’s chemistry is electric, and their connection runs deep. Keen to help Ophelia fulfill her fantasy is our French heartthrob, Sacha. He is enthusiastic, considerate and excited about exploring sex with a couple, and especially to see Ophelia give a double blowjob.
Ersties Ophelia's Fantasy
Spoiling Ophelia
It’s time for Ophelia to be spoiled by John and Sacha. She lies in between them and lets them kiss her, eat her out, finger her and choke her until she’s nice and wet. Spreading her legs wide between the two handsome guys, Ophelia gets spanked and pleasured. She starts to suck John’s dick, deep throating it while Sacha fingers her. Our French guy fucks Ophelia deeply in doggy style whilst she gives John head, with lots of wet kissing and finger sucking.
Ersties Ophelia's Fantasy
Share the Love
This second action vid is sure to get your juices flowing, with everybody being given lots of attention to make sure they all get to enjoy a gorgeous orgasm. Ophelia gives both John and Sacha deep, wet blowjobs, whilst staring into their eyes. The men take it in turns to get Ophelia to lie down whilst they fuck her passionately as she gives the other one head. This ends in some wet n’ wild climaxes.
Ersties Ophelia's Fantasy

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