Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time - 8 February 2023

10-02-2023, 12:57
What a first time lesbian experience! 28-year-old Charlie meets the combined pussy power of Annika, Ramona and Vanessa and comes to more than just her first lesbian orgasm in this action-packed foursome.
Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time
Pussy Power Quadrupled
Two years ago, Charlie started to feel the longing to sleep with a woman (or preferably, several at once) for the first time. The 28-year-old was unsure of her new lesbian fantasies and decided to get to the bottom of it. Now she sits on the couch in a Berlin flat with Annika, Vanessa and Ramona. The three ladies tell Charlie about their own first lesbian experiences and have a few tips for Charlie's debut lesbian foursome. It turns out that even for experienced Annika, a foursome with only women is a completely new experience. Together the four Ersties girls talk about the diversity and beauty of the female sex, admire each other's beautiful pussies and compare their labias with each other. Ramona suggests taking a deeper look at Annika's pussy with a speculum, and Annika willingly makes herself available. In return, she receives everyone's full attention and is pleasured by six hands until she orgasms intensely. One after the other, each of the four girls is able to enjoy everyone’s full attention. Charlie not only has her first lesbian experience, but is also invited to take on a completely new perspective, giving it to Ramona with a strap-on. Afterward, Charlie receives her first lesbian orgasm with a stainless steel dildo and the sensitive hands and fingers of the other girls. In the end, everyone agrees that it was a wonderful experience and Charlie is now quite sure that she likes women and wants a lot more of them in the future.
Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time
Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time
Lucy's First Lesbian Experience - How Was It?
On the couch of a Berlin flat, our four sexy ladies gather and Annika, Vanessa and Ramona share their first lesbian experiences with each other. Charlie eagerly listens with joyful excitement, because the 28 year old has never slept with a woman before but has long felt the desire to do so. She is curious about Annika, Ramona and Vanessa’s pussies, which she is invited to admire extensively together with the other women.
Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time
A Suitcase Full of Naughty Treasures
This first-time themed lesbian foursome evolves further and Vanessa is absolutely spoiled by the three other ladies. For this, Ramona pulls a dildo out of her plentiful toy-filled suitcase. Ramona's toy collection also holds another hot pleasure for Charlie and herself, and Charlie gets to wear a strap-on dildo for the first time and to see things from a completely new perspective.
Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time
Comparing Pussies
Our four Ersties ladies Annika, Charlie, Ramona and Vanessa start their foursome by looking at each other's pussies and comparing who has the biggest labia. Find out who wins the competition and then watch as the women take an intimate look at Annika's vagina with a speculum, before she gets the full attention of everyone’s delicate hands and is pleasured until she orgasms ecstatically.

Charlie Gets Her First Taste of Pussy Power
At the climax of this lesbian encounter, Charlie has her first-time lesbian orgasm. Spoiled by six hands from all sides and with a curved stainless-steel dildo, 28-year-old Charlie has an orgasm that makes her want to enjoy much more lesbian sex. Afterwards, there are many compliments given as they rave about the beauty of this shoot and the irresistible sexiness of Pussy Power.
Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time Ersties Lucy's Lesbian First Time

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