Ersties Intimate Moments with Yiming - 11 July 2022 (1080p)

11-07-2022, 22:25
Ersties Intimate Moments with Yiming
Intimate Moments with Yiming
From Shanghai to America, France and London! Yiming danced her way all around the world until she finally reached her home of choice to discover her kinky side! When she is moving her body, the bubbly cute Chinese girl is just happy, and she likes to share this feeling with anyone while she is dancing, visiting sex raves or here at Ersties! In her Ersties debut, Yiming takes us with her into her very cosy bedroom, where she loves to abandon herself to pleasure to masturbate and have fun sucking and penetrating herself with toys. With her hot and shiny oiled body, we now understand why Yiming gets turned on by herself…
Ersties Intimate Moments with Yiming
She’s very serious and well-suited to an office by day, but in her free time Yiming loves to let go sexually! If her colleagues knew what she gets up to after hours! In front of the Ersties camera, the cute Chinese beauty moves her body gracefully...
Ersties Intimate Moments with Yiming
Intimate Moments: Yiming’s Great Kinky Adventure
Once a month, bubbly Yiming lets herself go completely, going to kinky events for threesomes, BDSM play and what else she fancies in her home of choice London. But psst! None of her grey-suited work colleagues know about all of this! The free spirit is incredibly excited about her first intimate shoot with Ersties. Sex and masturbation are her passion… Greeting the Ersties community with her oiled body is just the start!
Ersties Intimate Moments with Yiming
Intimate Moments: Sucking, Penetrating and Stimulating
Yiming’s oiled body not only turns us on but really excites her as well! The curious Chinese beauty loves to act out her sexuality in front of the eyes of others, and for some extra fun she has brought along her favourite toys for the shoot. Gentle love balls or freakin’ hot dildos – Yiming likes to shake things up!
Ersties Intimate Moments with Yiming

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