Ersties Vivienne & Stella V. Lesbian - 11 May 2022 (1080p)

11-05-2022, 22:37
Ersties Vivienne & Stella V. Lesbian
Intimate Moments: Crazy, Beautiful Love!
These two 20 year olds are lovers in real life and have lived together for about eight months. After the two lesbians met online, Vivienne decided to move in with Stella without further ado. Her new partner had to put some of her anime figurines and healing stones to the side to make room for Vivienne. This was a sacrifice that the totally smitten Stella was more than happy to make in order to integrate this beautiful blue-haired woman into her everyday life. Since then, the two lovebirds have been inseparable. An open relationship? Currently not happening. Both girls are very possessive in the cutest possible way and simply have a hopeless crush on each other. We can't stop pining over such passion ...
Ersties Vivienne & Stella V. Lesbian
Stella and Vivienne have been dating for eight months. The two super cute lesbians with colourful hair share a passion for long walks in the snow, the series ‘Desperate Houswives’ and extended hours of lovemaking!
Ersties Vivienne & Stella V. Lesbian
Intimate Moments: How to Overcome the Winter Blues
Eight months ago, Vivienne moved to live with her new love, Stella, in the Northern United States. Both 20 year olds were once again surprised by a heavy winter season, which iced up the streets and covered the landscape under a white blanket. To keep warm, the two of them like to indulge in hot steamy baths - and of course there is a lot of cuddling, snogging and shagging. Watch this gorgeous couple as they warm themselves up on a freezing winter afternoon.
Ersties Vivienne & Stella V. Lesbian
Intimate Moments: Love Gives the Best Orgasms
Stella V & Vivienne have been lovers for eight months and the two 20-year-old students are completely lost in each other. Filming themselves while having sex is a new adventure for them! In this sexy video, the lovebirds share their newly ignited passion with the Ersties community.
Ersties Vivienne & Stella V. Lesbian

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