Ersties A Foursome That Fulfills Every Wish - 7 May 2022 (1080p)

8-05-2022, 09:51
There is one topic that our German girls can all agree on: clitoral stimulation ensures intense orgasms! Desiree, Luna, Lucia and Anna are already well-known here at Ersties, and today they have come together to play our popular Ersties card game. They are quickly guided from a theoretical to a practical way to get to know each other… A foursome fully in the sense of female pleasure!
Ersties A Foursome That Fulfills Every Wish
4 Ersties Girls, 8 Hands For Pleasuring, Endless Orgasms!

Four Girls and a Whip
Our Ersties card game kicks off this intense foursome, and before long the girls strip naked and start kissing each other all over each other's bodies. Selina gets all the attention first, then everyone has fun with everyone in changing constellations and positions. As the mood heats up, a leather whip comes into play, which Nova and Aurora take particular pleasure in.
Ersties A Foursome That Fulfills Every Wish
Fan-Fucking-Tastic Foursome
Fans of our group sex shoots will love today’s foursome with Desiree, Luna, Lucia and Anna! These four sensual German Ersties girls come together to give and receive pleasure that will take your breath away! This shoot is another Ersties classic that not only shows fantastic facesitting, double dildo action and multiple orgasms, but lets you explore each other's bodies with them!
Ersties A Foursome That Fulfills Every Wish Ersties A Foursome That Fulfills Every Wish
Fantasies should always be realised…
…That’s what Desiree, Luna, Lucia and Anna all agree on. Each of our four Ersties girls have already had various sexual experiences, and from today they can include a super sensual foursome! From playful undressing to delicately kissing every inch of their beautiful bodies… Each of the girls gets the full treatment, and including toys is just the cherry on top!

Aurora’s Wish Is Granted
Excited by the uninhibited atmosphere, Aurora wants to be fucked with a strap-on. Lana, Selina and Nova grant her wish, with Nova being the one who gets to wear the strap-on. An orgasmic foursome unfolds, in which no position is left out and everyone climaxes deeply and satisfyingly. Pure bliss!
Ersties A Foursome That Fulfills Every Wish Ersties A Foursome That Fulfills Every Wish

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