Ersties Maike and Emily Lesbian - 28 August 2020 (1080p/photo)

28-08-2020, 23:53
Due to current circumstances, holidaying in the Maldives and L.A. didn’t work out so Berlin has become the new travel destination. Fortunately, Berlin has a lot to offer, like this hot date with Ersties beauties Emily and Maike.
Ersties Maike and Emily Lesbian

Thickness Matters
Emily and Maike both agree that the thickness of a penis is more important than its length. They say that the thicker the caliber, the more feeling during sex. These two are very straight to the point - we like it! Maike has brought a metal butt plug that meets the pair’s requirements of thickness and length. Emily knows how to handle it and she expertly guides the plug into Maike's sexy ass. Maike’s ass not only makes the metal of the butt plug immediately hot… both of our sexy blondes are so turned on that they bring each other to climax with tongue, fingers, glass dildo and anal plug.
Ersties Maike and Emily Lesbian

Wet Sex
Maike and Emily love water and sex. Blonde, anal-loving Maike from Tyrol has an inclination for unusual places such as the Caribbean, the Maldives and airplane toilets. Emily finds virtual worlds no less exciting and spends a lot of time in open world games with her PSP console. Emily also tells us how she loves sex in the water...
Ersties Maike and Emily Lesbian

Cold as Ice
The metal butt plug doesn’t stay cold for long! Emily knows exactly how to spoil anal-loving Maike with it and she warms the plug right up. But first they kiss and lick, and in the end it is a fine game between anal and vaginal, one that causes Maike to moan a lot...
Ersties Maike and Emily Lesbian

Beauty in Glass
Glass is a special material - a glass dildo not only feels good, it also looks beautiful. The glass dildo looks the best when Maike leads it into Emily's enchanting vagina. Maike's fingers and dildo finally give Emily release as she passionately climaxes.
Ersties Maike and Emily Lesbian

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