Nude Girls Glasses Selena D - 15 March 2024

16 March 2024
AbbyWinters Selena D - Nude Girls Glasses Selena D
As her eyes twinkle behind her glasses, Selena's charming dimpled smile accentuates her girl-next-door cuteness. She starts out wearing snug shorts, which she lets us peek up, and a halter top filled out by her majestic curves. Then, she changes into a cosy pink jumper that struggles to contain her voluptuous breasts. With a cheeky expression, Selena tugs at the soft fabric, sharing glimpses of underboob and her large areolas. When she decides we've been teased long enough, she stands topless on the bed, lifting her hands over her head with a proud smile.
AbbyWinters Selena D - Nude Girls Glasses Selena D AbbyWinters Selena D - Nude Girls Glasses Selena D Nude Girls Glasses Selena D
Selena lies on her side and slips her lacy panties around her ankles, uncovering her perfectly shaved pussy. When she bends over with her round bum in the air, she casts an inviting look over her shoulder. Wearing nothing but her glasses, Selena grabs her soft bare feet and spreads her legs wide apart. Then, she playfully wraps a blanket around her neck like a cape, becoming the world's bustiest, nakedest superhero. Selena's joy at taking her clothes off was enhanced by having legendary models/shooters Masie and Adriana behind the camera. "I had an amazing shoot with amazing women!" she writes in her note.
AbbyWinters Selena D - Nude Girls Glasses Selena D AbbyWinters Selena D - Nude Girls Glasses Selena D
Selena's lovable personality and breathtaking curves are so dazzling that two of her fellow models leapt at the opportunity to film her new shoot. Adriana and Masie capture sensual images of Selena slipping off her jumper and trousers, and relaxing in her lingerie. Pulling down her cute cotton panties, Selena shares that she loves having people lick cream from her body, and using her ribbed glass dildos every day: "Those are the toys that make me squirt!". When Adriana joins her on camera for an aerobics lesson, the last of Selena's clothes fall away. During jumping jacks, her huge boobs bounce free from her bikini top, and all three girls giggle with delight. Selena has always wanted to try ballet, so Masie excitedly teaches her the basics. Wearing only her glasses, Selena jiggles and twirls her graceful nude figure, and Masie watches and claps with genuine pride, declaring "Now you're a ballerina!". Then, Selena stands with one bare foot on the counter, so her neatly shaved vulva can be filmed from below. She discusses discovering masturbation as a teenager, while writing erotic One Direction fan fiction. When she attempts to suck her nipples, she loses her balance and tumbles onto her friends. "Your pussy was just on my head!" Adriana cries happily as they crack up together. "Everyone wants to be you right now!" Masie replies.
AbbyWinters Selena D - Nude Girls Glasses Selena D

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