AbbyWinters Josie L - Nature Shoot - 14 January 2023

14-01-2023, 18:32
AbbyWinters Josie L - Nature Shoot
AbbyWinters Josie L - Nature Shoot - 14 January 2023
Sweetly soft-spoken Josie works out with a resistance band, surrounded by leafy trees. Her tight green shorts hug her hips when she does squats, and soon she slips them off and unties her top, to do cartwheels in her scarlet thong panties. After caressing her lush breasts and stroking her nipples, Josie lies nude on her blanket with her legs akimbo. "I love to relax and get positive energy from nature and the forest" she sighs, her alabaster skin glowing in the sun. On her hands and knees, she gets into flexible yoga poses that accentuate her creampuff bottom.
AbbyWinters Josie L - Nature Shoot AbbyWinters Josie L - Nature Shoot AbbyWinters Josie L - Nature Shoot
Josie reads aloud in German from her tablet, opening her legs so we can admire the growing wetness of her flawlessly smooth vulva. After displaying her balance by standing on one leg, she reveals the twerking skills she's learned from online videos. The hip-shaking dance moves not only look sexy, but have provided her with exciting new sensations. "You're touching parts of your pussy that otherwise you wouldn't touch!", she explains as her bum cheeks bounce. If Josie somehow hasn't captured your heart by the end of the video, that will change with her enchantingly sweet sign-off. "I feel really stretched and stronger!" she sighs, raising up one leg with a shy smile. "So, goodbye: I love you! See you soon!".
AbbyWinters Josie L - Nature Shoot AbbyWinters Josie L - Nature Shoot
Just as she did in her debut, girl next door Josie returns to enjoy naked fun in the great outdoors. But while she kept her legs together last time, for gentle nude poses, she's now excited to share more of her body with us. Her cleavage is visible down her tied-off top, as she relaxes on a picnic blanket, and she unzips her tight green shorts, to reveal the thong nestled between her juicy bum cheeks. She tugs at her top to free her pert breasts, then pulls down her panties and happily stands in the nude, illuminated by the warm sun. Reclining in a lawn chair, Josie lifts her bare feet in the air and opens her legs wide apart. As she reveals the creamy wetness of her perfectly smooth pussy, her face lights up with a heartwarming smile. Josie tucks her cascading brunette hair into a cute hat, and gets on her hands and knees, gazing sweetly over her shoulder, as she shows off her firm bottom and neat anus. Tossing her crocheted purse over her shoulder, she positions the strap in between her boobs, and gives them a playful squeeze.
AbbyWinters Josie L - Nature Shoot

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