AbbyWinters Elisa & Michael - Anus Licking - 23 December 2022

23 December 2022
AbbyWinters Elisa & Michael - Anus Licking
AbbyWinters Elisa & Michael - Anus Licking - 23 December 2022
Redhead Elisa's turquoise panties peek out from her silky skirt, as she chooses the perfect images to decorate the wall of the flat. Growing excited, she caresses her body all over, and lifts her top to free her nipples from her bra. When her boyfriend Michael comes home, they begin passionately kissing and tearing off each other's clothes. Completely naked, Elisa spreads her legs so he can go down on her, and she closes her eyes, lost in pleasure. Then, she reaches into his boxers to stroke his dick, and swirls her tongue around the tip to begin a perfect blowjob.
AbbyWinters Elisa & Michael - Anus Licking AbbyWinters Elisa & Michael - Anus Licking AbbyWinters Elisa & Michael - Anus Licking
Elisa lays back and wraps her bare feet around Michael's neck, so she can gaze lovingly into his eyes as he fucks her. When she moves on top to ride him, her pussy gets dripping wet with arousal, and they press their flushed faces together. Casting a delighted grin over her shoulder, Elisa gets on all fours, so Michael can bury his hard cock deep inside her. As her blissed-out face glows pink, Elisa's mouth drops open when they orgasm together, and she savours the intimate sensation of being filled up with cum.
AbbyWinters Elisa & Michael - Anus Licking AbbyWinters Elisa & Michael - Anus Licking
When Elisa started a new job, Michael was the first colleague to open the door for her. She giggles as she recalls thinking: "I hope everyone is as good-looking as this!". It wasn't long before they were dating and travelling the world together, and now they're excited to share their vibrant sex life on camera. Elisa lifts her shirt to flash her perky boobs, as they pose for a selfie, and Michael quickly gets her naked, for passionate pussy licking and rimming. When Elisa sits on his face, she reaches back to stroke him, then turns around so she can suck his cock in a lustful 69. Elisa climbs back on top to ride Michael, and rubs her clit until she announces a blissful orgasm, with her eyes rolling back and her entire body flushing pink. Michael goes down on her again afterwards, and she happily exclaims, "Does it taste different? I like that you can never get enough of me!". The amorous lovers take time to masturbate each other and vigorously fuck in multiple positions, until a shared climax in doggy makes them both cry out in ecstasy. "I love when you cum in me!", Elisa murmurs dreamily, kissing Michael as his huge load drips from her pussy.
AbbyWinters Elisa & Michael - Anus Licking

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ComfortZone 24 December 2022 00:31
Thank you very much for the Abby Winters update. We haven't seen Elisa for a while.
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