AbbyWinters Nina K - Giant Boobs - 9 November 2022

9-11-2022, 09:38
AbbyWinters Nina K - Giant Boobs
AbbyWinters Nina K - Giant Boobs - 9 November 2022
Nina's incredibly long hair reaches well past her hips, and she greets us with a warm smile, while twirling it in her fingers. The plunging neckline of her snug minidress accentuates her deep cleavage, and she tugs at the fabric to offer an even better view. After stripping off the dress, she sensually adjusts her fluorescent bra to uncover her large areolas, then pulls aside her panties, exposing her neatly shaved vulva. Once she's freed her voluptuous boobs, she tucks her flowing locks in between them. Nina puts her bum in the air wearing only her g-string, then pulls it down and gazes happily over her shoulder. Fully nude, she reclines on the floor and opens her legs wide apart, sharing intimate views of her pussy and anus, with her bare feet high in the air. Whether she's writing in her journal or modelling a succession of cute tops, Nina's hands are irresistibly drawn to the softness of her breasts. As she lovingly squeezes them, the sensation brings a rosy glow to her cheeks.
AbbyWinters Nina K - Giant Boobs AbbyWinters Nina K - Giant Boobs
Nina strolls through the city in a little dress that hugs her curves, and picks flowers while telling us about the many European countries she's lived in. She lifts her hemline for a quick peek at her panties, then heads inside to reveal her matching fluorescent lingerie. Her wardrobe is filled with tight clothes and lacy underwear, because "if it feels sexy, then I love wearing it!", she confesses with a grin. Nina unhooks her bra and makes it fall off by playfully bouncing her huge breasts. She gives them sensual caresses, and giggles while describing the attention they bring her. As she slips off her silky thong on all fours, Nina reveals that this is her favourite position. "The feeling when someone cums inside me, while doing doggy, is very hot to me" she purrs. Her hobby is writing poetry about love and relationships, and she reads from her work about her attraction to older men. While spreading her legs to stroke her perfectly shaved pussy, Nina shares funny and arousing stories about getting caught having sex in a sauna, and a supermarket parking lot. "It was very nice for both of us, because I always like to be somewhere public!" she declares, crawling in the nude as her boobs jiggle.
AbbyWinters Nina K - Giant Boobs

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