AbbyWinters Gabrielle M - Puffy nipples - 11 October 2022

12 October 2022
AbbyWinters Gabrielle M - Puffy nipples
AbbyWinters Gabrielle M - Puffy nipples - 11 October 2022
New model Gabrielle makes a striking first impression as she stands on her bed in a flowing dress decorated with little roses, and holds a hula hoop around her waist. She gyrates her hips with a bright smile, making her hemline twirl and providing an upskirt peek at her bum. Gabrielle proceeds to slip out of the dress, and relaxes in her lacy panties while brushing her luxuriously long hair. Once she's arranged it into stylish braids, she throws them over her shoulder, and uncovers her puffy nipples.
AbbyWinters Gabrielle M - Puffy nipples AbbyWinters Gabrielle M - Puffy nipples AbbyWinters Gabrielle M - Puffy nipples
Gabrielle puts on wire-rimmed sunglasses with yellow frames, and hooks her thumbs into the waistband of her thong undies. She slowly tugs them down, savouring the tease, until at last she's revealed her silky-smooth pussy. Wearing nothing but a gold belly chain, she wraps colourful yarn around her bare shoulders, and grins while showing off some sexy artwork she's created. There are paintings of nude women and fetish gear on her walls, and she keeps an embroidered image of a girl bound with rope nestled between her thighs.
AbbyWinters Gabrielle M - Puffy nipples AbbyWinters Gabrielle M - Puffy nipples
Gabrielle's favourite season is summer, when she can wear dresses that show off her slender legs, like the girly floral-print outfit she has on. But it's a very hot day in Colombia, so she slips off the dress and lies in bed wearing only her sexy panties to stay cool. She brushes her dazzling long hair, which nearly reaches her waist, and describes how she uses it to flirt with guys and girls. While stroking her small breasts and puffy nipples, Gabrielle shares how happy they make her. "I really love my titties, because they're different! I think the size is perfect for my body", she exclaims happily, giving a double thumbs up. After pulling down her thong and revealing her immaculate shaved pussy, Gabrielle models many of her cute accessories, including sunglasses, a belly chain, and a horned headband. "It's very important to think about every outfit, even if I am only naked!", she declares with a megawatt smile. Gabrielle explains that she is an artist, and uses her own body as inspiration for paintings of the female form, but this is her first time posing nude for someone else. "This experience shows me new ways to look at my body, and show how sensual I can be!" she announces, massaging lotion into her thighs.
AbbyWinters Gabrielle M - Puffy nipples

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