AbbyWinters Cara - Pinching nipples - 3 October 2022

3-10-2022, 16:56
AbbyWinters Cara - Pinching nipples
AbbyWinters Cara - Pinching nipples - 3 October 2022
Voluptuous blonde Cara gets ready for bed in her cosy pyjamas, taking off her earrings and massaging lotion into her hands. Then, she finds the perfect porn video to masturbate to. She gazes enthralled at her laptop, while tracing circles over her top, against her nipples, then tugs it down so she can pinch them. Her hand drifts between her legs, to touch herself on her silky pink panties. Then, she whips them off, spreads her legs and begins stroking her clit. Wearing nothing but her bookish glasses, Cara alternates between rubbing her shaved pussy and her bare breasts, a skillful technique that maximises the sensations. When she feels herself getting close to orgasm, her hands move up to her chest, to prolong the delicious tension. Cara can only take a few minutes of edging, before she needs to surrender to her urges. A powerful orgasm washes over her in cascading waves, and she stretches her legs out straight, while blissful moans echo through the room. Her mind clear and her sexual needs satisfied, Cara curls up under the covers, and drifts off to sleep with a contented smile.
AbbyWinters Cara - Pinching nipples

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ComfortZone 3 October 2022 22:04
Thank you for the Abby Winters update. 'Pinching nipples' What's in a name? smile
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