AbbyWinters Candice D & Ciara D - Anal Play - 30 September 2022

1 October 2022
AbbyWinters Candice D & Ciara D - Anal Play
AbbyWinters Candice D & Ciara D - Anal Play - 30 September 2022
Candice and Ciara are a perfect match. Beyond their similar look, with slender figures and fair skin, they're both sexually adventurous, and bursting with creative ideas for how to pleasure each other. Ciara begins by massaging Candice's bare feet, then licking her toes. After savouring the taste of Candice's soft armpit, Ciara pulls down her panties, and squeezes her bum cheeks during lustful rimming. By then, Candice is beyond excited to explore Ciara's body as well, using her toes to tug at her bra and tease her nipples. Next, Ciara gets on all fours and moans, while Candice plunges one finger deep into her anus.
AbbyWinters Candice D & Ciara D - Anal Play AbbyWinters Candice D & Ciara D - Anal Play AbbyWinters Candice D & Ciara D - Anal Play
Ciara is enchanted by Candice's feet, and pleasures herself by inserting her friend's big toe into her silky-smooth vulva. When they're finally ready to cum, the girls decide that more traditional methods will best satisfy their urges. Ciara spreads her legs wide and gazes down adoringly as Candice licks her pussy to orgasm. Ciara then returns the favour, tenderly lapping Candice's clit, and the girls get cosy on the floor, for a tribbing finale. They flush pink and cry out during a shared climax, then squeeze each other's breasts, as they lovingly make out.
AbbyWinters Candice D & Ciara D - Anal Play AbbyWinters Candice D & Ciara D - Anal Play
"Are you the kind of person who can have lots of orgasms?", spunky Australian Ciara asks. Her new friend Candice immediately says yes, then giggles when Ciara replies: "Oh my God, that's not fair!". But Ciara is a generous lover, and gets to work making Candice climax multiple times, arousing her by playfully licking her toes, then her armpit. After Ciara removes her silky panties, Candice spreads her legs to get deeply fingered. She moans and furrows her brow, overwhelmed with pleasure, and Ciara sweetly sighs: "You're so pretty when you cum!". Candice then eagerly sits on Ciara's face, biting her lip, as sensual clit-sucking makes her shudder with another blissful release. Candice impresses Ciara by using her skilled toes to undress her and play with her nipples. After Ciara whimpers from gentle anal fingering, she gets her immaculate shaved pussy filled up with three of Candice's fingers, and then her big toe. Ciara is enthralled by the brand new sensation, and pulls Candice close for tribbing. "Look at them stick together, then come apart: that's hot!" Ciara cries, gazing at their wet vulvas. Candice uses her mouth to bring Ciara to the cusp of a much-anticipated orgasm, then devilishly makes her keep waiting. While getting penetrated, Ciara finally moans: "Am I allowed to cum now? Oh, thank God!". She writhes in trembling ecstasy, then showers Candice with grateful kisses.
AbbyWinters Candice D & Ciara D - Anal Play

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