AbbyWinters Cora - Body Painting - 23 August 2022 (1080p)

27 August 2022
AbbyWinters Cora - Body Painting
AbbyWinters Cora - Body Painting - 23 August 2022 (1080p)
After doing yoga in her frilly skirt and lavender legwarmers, Cora heads into the great outdoors. She joyfully climbs a tree and plays on a rope swing, then, she picks colourful wildflowers surrounded by lush greenery. Back indoors, she strips down to her matching turquoise lingerie. As she tucks the flowers into the waistband of her panties, her fluffy bush spills from the sides. While reaching back to unclasp her bra and uncover her little breasts, she reveals the downy hair decorating her underarms. Once she's naked, Cora picks up a paintbrush with her bare feet, and paints a picture, then uses her whole body as her canvas. Her nipples, tummy and pubic hair soon become covered with vibrant swirls and flowers, as well as her own name, and then she relaxes to show off some of her actual paintings. When Cora heads to shower to wash off the paint, she works her body into a lather with a bright smile.
Free-spirited artist Cora has perfect company for her first video, because beloved abbywinters model Madelaine is making her debut as a shoot producer! The two girls spend the whole time happily chatting and giggling. "I feel like a fairy!" Cora exclaims, playing outdoors on a rope swing in a multicoloured skirt. "Cora the forest nymph!" Madelaine exclaims behind the camera. She joins Cora in picking wildflowers, then helps her take off her clothes, once they return home. Madelaine is delighted to see Cora's pubic hair overflowing from her panties, and challenges her to pull them down and toss them in a basket using her toes. Once her slender nude figure is on full display, Cora discusses her love of listening to jazz during sex. Then she delights in decorating her bare skin with beautiful swirls of paint. She shares how naked body painting has helped build her confidence: "You get to see your body in a completely different way!". After Cora adorns her tiny breasts, hairy armpits and fluffy bush with colour, Madelaine joins in the fun, painting designs on her friend's back and having her guess what they are. Cora hops in the shower to rinse off, and Madelaine helpfully scrubs her with a loofah, while flashing a cheeky grin.
AbbyWinters Cora - Body Painting

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ComfortZone 27 August 2022 22:14
Thanks for the Cora update. Madelaine heart_eyes as a new shoot producer. Sounds interesting.
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