GirlsOutWest Jean & Katie Gee - Bird Watcher - 3 December 2022

4-12-2022, 04:19
GirlsOutWest Jean & Katie Gee - Bird Watcher
GirlsOutWest Jean & Katie Gee - Bird Watcher - 3 December 2022
Katie Gee has found the perfect spot to whip out her binoculars and watch the cockatoos, galahs and magpies frolick amongst the eucalypt outside. She also spots Shazza’s house below… and what is Shazza doing? She is full engrossed in a heated mazz sesh. Imagine catching a sexy neighbour pleasuring themselves? Katie Gee can! And slides her hands down her panties to begin massaging her pussy, which is swelling up and becoming slick with cum. Jean’s come home from a sexy night on the town and notices Katie Gee fully wrapped up in a mazz sesh of her own! Ok… thinks Jean. This is a hot thing to come home to… Jean saunters over in her heels and gracefully sits with Katie Gee on the bed. Katie is still going at it as Jean watches her smiling. This is hot! Jean breaks the disconnect between them, bringing Katie Gee’s attention to her and the two work off of their pent up horniness to give each other amazing orgasms!
GirlsOutWest Jean & Katie Gee - Bird Watcher

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