GirlsOutWest Mallory & Sophia Rose - Fan Dance - 29 October 2022

29-10-2022, 09:59
GirlsOutWest Mallory & Sophia Rose - Fan Dance
GirlsOutWest Mallory & Sophia Rose - Fan Dance - 29 October 2022
Mallory and Sophia Rose are practicing an elegant fan dance. As they twirl and sway around each other, they steal some quick glances and are turned on by seeing the other’s body move and sway around. One smiling, tender kiss leads to finally placing their hands on each other’s soft skin and a burning desire to taste and feel their pussies overcomes them as they fuck each other even before they even make it to the couch! Mallory buries their face into Sophia Rose’s decadent bush and sultrily runs their lips and tongue over the clit, in between those wet lips and they glance up to see Sophia Rose moaning in delight, eyes closed, taking in the pleasurable sensations. Sophia Rose gently turns Mallory over to the couch, their pussy already wet and aching with desire. It glistens in the light as Sophia Rose runs her lips over it as Mallory moans in delight.
GirlsOutWest Mallory & Sophia Rose - Fan Dance

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lapona 28 November 2022 00:20
Wow beautiful girls with beautiful hairy hairy pussys just how I love it all natural mmmmmmm and eating each other passionately too mmmmmmm love the hair growing on the inside of Mallory thighs so thick yummy yummy please girls do more scenes together and Molly get more close ups of them too mmmmm
ligolize 28 November 2022 00:21
Loved how Mallory worshipped Sophia Rose's body; 'twas absolutely riveting! Count me in as a loyal member of the Sophia Rose fan club. She's awesome!!
lapona 28 November 2022 00:21
Uh oh I guess I got the girls names reversed sorry so excited watching them lol mmmmmmmmm
Irishka 28 November 2022 00:22
2 gorgeous girls, amazing pits, juicy full bush pussies, great tits and nipples, and most of all, they both seemed to be enraptured with each other. Great scene. Dying to see both girls with other girls. Keep the scenes coming, both are stars.
EnjiRilok 28 November 2022 00:23
Sophia Rose is so cute. Her rose bush is nice, but a little wild. Would be nice if she gave it a light pruning.
ligolize 28 November 2022 00:24
No pruning, PLEASE! Love the bushes, pits, ass-crack hair and upper thigh hair! I wish ever girl on this site would through away their razor. Keep these amazing shoots coming.
Irishka 28 November 2022 00:25
This pairing was one of our all time favourites! The chemistry was out of this world- Thankyou for such beautiful comments as well!
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