GirlsOutWest Olive G & Sophia Rose - Make A Wish - 22 October 2022

22-10-2022, 12:33
GirlsOutWest Olive G & Sophia Rose - Make A Wish
GirlsOutWest Olive G & Sophia Rose - Make A Wish - 22 October 2022
Olive G comes across a box their housemate has picked up from the op shop. What did they get? Olive decides to have a harmless peek because, after all, why not? Olive comes across this really cool golden trinket and gives it a little polish and out pops the sexiest genie! Sophia Rose! Who has come to grant Olive G all of her deepest desires… Olive wishes for what alot of us do, to be well off for themselves. Her second wish is to have the sexiest lingerie in the world! And Bada bing! Sophia Rose grants this. But it's on Sophia Rose, and she looks so sexy in it! Olive G and Sophia Rose begin to passionately kiss, each moment spurs only desiring the other more and more… Watch them make each other’s wishes come true… And yours!
GirlsOutWest Olive G & Sophia Rose - Make A Wish

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lapona 26 November 2022 07:52
The reason I became a site member is all natural women like these two beautiful hairy girls mmmmmmmm Two of the most beautiful hairy pussys ever seen and I’ve seen quite a few. Please more of these two hairy girls.
ligolize 26 November 2022 07:53
100% agree with Lapona! I joined this site because I absolutely love unshaved lesbian sex. I love Sophia. I've been dying to see her with a girl. Do not let her shave or trim one hair on her gorgeous body. The scene right after she sat on Olive's face where Olive played with pussy from behind was amazing. The combination of her gooey pussy juice, her magnificent bush and thigh hair and her meaty pussy was incredible. I almost exploded immediately. Please shoot Sophia with Hazel Leone, Tahlia, Jean, Ruby Valentine and Violet Russo for starters. A threesome would be amazing also.
EnjiRilok 26 November 2022 07:56
Loved the scene! My only disappointment was no pit licking. I was dying to see Sophia and Olive ravishing each others pit. Please incorporate pit licking into all your shoots, hairy or shaved but especially hairy. Also, more hairy girls. There are 10,000 sites out there that feature hairless girls almost exclusively. I'm a lifetime member of this site because I absolutely love natural girls next door that do not look like they ever do porn, doing porn. Love what you do, please keep doing it and let people that don't appreciate it subscribe to sites that feature hairless supermodels. You can't please everyone, so please don't try. The majority of your subscribers love your niche.
lapona 26 November 2022 07:58
I decided to let my hair grow out because I’m done letting society control me and trying to make me feel ashamed of my body or my sexuality. No more being a domesticated good little girl who does what they’re told, I’m just going to enjoy being my wild erotic womanly self just the way nature intended 🌹 It was a super scary step to take as there is soooo much pressure to conform but it feels amazing shedding the shackles and I appreciate all you guys who love real women having real fun instead of all the fake and degrading stuff masquerading as erotic entertainment these days. Inoporn is hands down the best porn site with the best members in the world and I love being a part of it ❤️❤️❤️
ligolize 26 November 2022 07:58
Sophia, you are a GODDESS! Love your shyness and innocence. You are gorgeous, your body is amazing and your sweet personality is infectious. Please stay on this site for years to come and don't ever shave or trim a single hair on your luscious body. I listed above some of the girls I'm dying to see you with and that's just for starters. How about a 3-some with two gorgeous hair girls? Love you!
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