GirlsOutWest Hazel Leone - Leverage - 12 October 2022

12-10-2022, 09:59
GirlsOutWest Hazel Leone - Leverage
GirlsOutWest Hazel Leone - Leverage - 12 October 2022
Hazel returns to her office frustrated. It seems like no one in this business can do anything right! She needs to fix up her colleagues' mess, but she needs to wind down first before she can concentrate again. Time to blow off some steam and make a mess of her own.
GirlsOutWest Hazel Leone - Leverage

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Irishka 26 November 2022 07:40
I'm at a loss for words. DiVinci himself could not do justice depicting beauty such as this. The contours of Hazel's face, her perfect breasts, and the immaculate tufts of hair around her underarms and pubic area enrapture me , puzzle me, and ease my restless heart. How can such beauty exist? I must be under some sort of enchantment. Surely, a goddess like this cannot exist in nature! I must be in a dream. It must be an illusion! But no... She is real! Real as the beat of my heart and the warmth of my breath. Her moans of pleasure are music to my ears. They lift me to a higher plane of existence. The sonic perfection of her vocalizations rival the compositions of Brahms, Smetana and Puccini. What an incredible woman! The stuff of legends! I see now why Zeus would take on the form of a bull and carry a maiden away, for this is the divine beauty that Hera herself would be unable to rival. I feel unworthy to gaze upon such a woman, but I cannot look away!
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