Freya Fields - Giantess Man Squashing Q and A - 13 January 2021

25-03-2023, 01:22
Originally a custom video, this clip features me very candidly answering a list of questions about what I would do/think/feel if women were given the ability to shrink men into tiny little things and smoosh and crush them with our feet.
Freya Fields - Giantess Man Squashing Q and A

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ligolize 25 March 2023 01:22
This is an interesting concept but I have a few questions of my own I'd like to ask, maybe someday perhaps. I would love to be shrunk down but only with a gentle giantess, the idea of being crushed isn't really my cup of tea. I would love to see more giantess videos from you. I have a giantess/shrinking fetish and appreciate your honesty. I enjoyed the video and would recommend it to people who are into giantess genre.
lapona 25 March 2023 01:23
Very much for the foot fetish and crush side; very good angles and cute foot play; the answers have some genuine thought about them and they make as not wanting go down the cruel path but do indulge the ideas if you are looking for that.
EnjiRilok 25 March 2023 01:24
Not usually into feet but I was for 15 mins while watching this.
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