Freya Fields - Hysterical Literature - 26 September 2020

17-03-2023, 20:13
Watch me (try) to read D. H. Lawrence's novel "Lady Chatterly's Lover" as I pleasure myself. I rub my clit as I read the passage from the novel, with my words flowing less and less freely as I continue to touch my pussy until I reach a big orgasm. Hope you enjoy!
Freya Fields - Hysterical Literature

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Alisonka 17 March 2023 20:13
Epic. Gorgeous. Beautiful. Perfect. Getting the chance to hear D.H. Lawrence’s once banned words slip from the slightly breathless lips of Freya Fields is an honour. The closer she comes to making herself cum, the more the words trip her up and make her gasp bashfully before pressing on, and there is nothing more erotic to me than than. There is a section, too, where Freya hits a poetic rhythm with Lawrence’s words, and the reading takes on a beat that becomes very easy to stroke to slowly. Then there is her vintage stockings and her beautiful pussy, and the fact that this video is much longer than it needs to be (in a good way), and all I can say is “thank you, Freya. This will be my most watched video on manyvids forever“ (hell. I’ll even just listen to it as an audio file ... from time to time).
ligolize 17 March 2023 20:14
Most - Hysterical Literature - videos involve some sort of vibrating toy, but Freya goes straight to the master class of multi-tasking and only uses her own fingers to play with her pussy while reading. She even manages to read through her orgasm, kinda. ;-) It's also a nice change of pace having Freya partly clothed throughout the video.
lapona 17 March 2023 20:15
What can I say, just buy this video, it is one of Freya's sexiest ever!
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