Ersties Flora X & Lexi - Tease and Deny - 21 April 2023

21-04-2023, 22:21
Ersties Flora X & Lexi - Tease and Deny
Lexi’s Greatest Desire Is to Submit to Flora
When Flora received the invitation, she didn't hesitate to book an 11 hour flight to a palm island to meet sweet Lexi. Now, she’s happily sitting with her in a jacuzzi with an ocean view. But of course it doesn't just stay innocently cosy, because our Fetish themed month of April has brought our two ladies together and they will explore high heel worship, trampling and edging together. For the first of these fetishes, Flora has just the ticket. She previously spied a pair of particularly sexy red-soled high heels on her trip to the island paradise and couldn't resist treating herself (you know exactly which shoes we're talking about here...). Now in this Intimate Moment, she lets Lexi worship them with pleasure before using them on her chest. All with consent, of course, because Lexi finds breath play sexually arousing. Those who know Flora know that she doesn't switch, so in the second part she brings Lexi to an intense climax through edging and bondage. On this island, it's not only hot, it also goes off hot.
Ersties Flora X & Lexi - Tease and Deny Ersties Flora X & Lexi - Tease and Deny Ersties Flora X & Lexi - Tease and Deny
Flora and Lexi explore three fetishes that have to do with domination and submission. Sweet Lexi happily complies with Flora's instructions to lick her high heels and is rewarded with a prolonged orgasm after being trampled.
Ersties Flora X & Lexi - Tease and Deny
A Dazzling View beneath Hot Heels
While the two girls enjoy the beautiful view from their jacuzzi, they tell us what exciting things they're going to get up to. Flora plans to introduce Lexi to two fetishes that are brand new to the cute Ersties girl. See what exactly high heel worshipping and trampling are all about in this incredibly hot video erotica, which we guarantee will have not only Flora sweating…
Ersties Flora X & Lexi - Tease and Deny
Tease and Deny
The more often that pleasure is given and then taken away leading up to an orgasm, the more intense the orgasm can be. Flora and Lexi go even one step further and integrate bondage into their edging game, so that by the end, Lexi’s pleasure goes through the roof and she experiences an intense orgasm thanks to Flora's skilful teasing play.
Ersties Flora X & Lexi - Tease and Deny

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