Ersties Intimate Moments with Stacie & Izzy - 8 July 2022 (1080p)

9-07-2022, 13:07
Ersties Intimate Moments with Stacie & Izzy
Intimate Moments with Stacie and Izzy
Izzy loves to cook, Stacie loves to be cooked for. Izzy is afraid of heights but Stacie loves rock climbing. These two Ersties girls are like yin and yang, and that means full on girl power when they come together! In this Intimate Moments shoot for Ersties, it seems that not everyone enjoyed their chess game, but they definitely made up for that afterwards! Our sexy blonde girl Izzy is a sore loser, especially when things never go her way like in today’s game. Understandably, she was a little bit mad… Well, Stacie knows exactly how to turn her friend’s mood around! With her tongue and a lot of passionate kissing!
Ersties Intimate Moments with Stacie & Izzy
Stacie and Izzy love lesbian sex as you can tell in their first girl/girl together! They have so much fun with each other, even though their chess game is a bit divisive…
Ersties Intimate Moments with Stacie & Izzy
Intimate Moments: “You’re So Cute When You’re Mad”
Stacie and Izzy are ready for some serious chess, but the longer the game goes on and the less likely Stacie is to win, the more offended our blonde girl gets… Well, this is exactly what Stacie is attracted to! To smooth over Izzy’s feelings, she pulls out her most seductive tricks and no one, not least Izzy, can resist any of them!
Ersties Intimate Moments with Stacie & Izzy
Intimate Moments: No More Chess… Right?!
Izzy just can’t stay mad at Stacie after such dedicated and passionate attention! Stacie’s sexy bum is just calling for attention, so the horny blonde spoils her beautiful rump with her tongue… Both girls have so much fun in this girl/girl, the next round of chess is bound to start soon, right?!
Ersties Intimate Moments with Stacie & Izzy

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