Ersties Art Class with Hally - 6 July 2022 (1080p)

6-07-2022, 23:16
Hally from Latvia captivates us with her cute accent, and the wild and creative way she thinks about sex. For her first Ersties shoot, she has brought brushes and paints with her, and uses her body as the canvas!
Ersties Art Class with Hally
Art Class with Hally
Hally came to Germany from Latvia around 9 years ago and as a (dog) mum she currently enjoys her single life. So far the cute 23 year old hasn’t had any sexual experiences with other girls, but she wants to change that very soon as she’s had a lot of fantasies about it already… Today is Hally’s first solo shoot with Ersties, but that doesn’t stop her from letting her creativity run wild! Being in front of the Ersties camera for the first time makes some girls nervous, but not Hally. She had so much fun painting and playing with colours and brushes, that her nervousness was gone in a second. This shoot is colourful and wild, especially when the colours shine on her naked body and the brushes can be used for other naughty things…
Ersties Art Class with Hally
Hally’s Creativity on Screen
Hally loves to paint as a hobby, and being the creative person she is, she’s packed her painting kit to make Ersties a more colourful place! Her creativity and flair also make their way into the bedroom as she loves hair pulling and having her ass slapped, and the thought of her future lesbian experiences makes her horny as hell… Today is no exception and it gets colourful and wild, especially with her brushes!
Ersties Art Class with Hally
A Wet and Wild Art Class with Hally
Latvian girl Hally has brought her paints and brushes to Ersties and shows us how she can paint a flower on canvas that reminds us of something else… She's perfect at mastering the game between colours and fantasy. It’s Hally’s first time on camera (although you wouldn’t know it!), so after some painting she shows us what she hides beneath her shirt, as well as demonstrates some other uses for her paintbrushes…
Ersties Art Class with Hally
Blue or Pink Coloured Nipples?
Hally’s creativity doesn’t know any bounds! The 23 year old wants to know what paint looks like on the skin and there is one thing we can tell you in advance: it looks unbelievably sexy! Slowly she leads the brush down between her legs and creates a new artwork that we want to look at forever…
Ersties Art Class with Hally

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