Ersties Berlin Spring Break - 3 July 2022 (1080p)

4-07-2022, 01:23
Blaise, Delfine and Sally take us on a special shopping tour in Berlin with daring tasks. After a tasty refreshment with some fake climaxes, the three girls end up in bed together to give each other some real orgasms.
Ersties Berlin Spring Break
Do You Dare to Walk Through the Streets of Your City With a Strap-On?
Almost anything goes in Berlin, they say. In their vlog, Delfine, Blaise and Sally test whether this statement is true or not. After a shopping trip to the city's largest second-hand store, the three girls go for a walk through Kreuzberg, encouraging each other to do daring tasks. Sally comes up with a particularly playful and theatrical assignment for Delfine. Afterwards, the girls sit down and show each other how they can fake an orgasm over an Aperol Spritz like the famous scene from the movie “When Harry Met Sally.” Once home, Blaise, Sally and Delfine try to find an outfit to go out in, and we all know how exhausting it can be to find the right outfit! So, the three girls need some rest and end up in Delfine's bed where they have fun together, using some hot toys to bring each other to intense climaxes.
Ersties Berlin Spring Break Ersties Berlin Spring Break
Daring Tasks
Berlin city locals Delfine, Sally and Blaise decided to take us on a stroll through the capital. The tour starts at the most prominent point in Berlin, the Television Tower, before heading into the largest second-hand shop that Berlin has to offer. Here, the girls get in the mood for what's to come as Blaise, Sally and Delfine have devised some playful challenges for each other to test their limits.
Ersties Berlin Spring Break Ersties Berlin Spring Break
Just a Casual Afternoon with Friends
This threesome might start as a casual girlfriend’s afternoon, but by the end, Delfine, Blaise and Sally climax with a vibrator in doggy position and enjoy sitting on each other's faces. What an amazing afternoon with friends!
Ersties Berlin Spring Break

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