Ersties Lena S. & Nicky F. Lesbian - 21 June 2022 (1080p)

22-06-2022, 14:17
Ersties Lena S. & Nicky F. Lesbian
Intimate Moments: A Perfect Match Both Inside and Out
Nicky and Lena are a perfect match. That’s easy enough to see at first glance, but judging by looks only is a bit superficial, so Nicky and Lena ask each other questions about their interests, sexual experiences and preferences. As they chat, they discover that they share more than just the same fashion style. Nicky is very aroused by Lena and can't wait to get into the bedroom and have sex with her. Lena wants nothing more than to see Nicky naked. It doesn't take long before the two girls are sitting on Lena's bed, filming each other as they undress… Lena fingers Nicky, who finds it so good that she orgasms intensely. Sex is all about give and take, so the girls bring out a double dildo, which the two sexy girls have fun with before Nicky fingers Lena in doggy style until she can’t help but climax.
Ersties Lena S. & Nicky F. Lesbian Ersties Lena S. & Nicky F. Lesbian
Lena and Nicky are not only a sexy match on the outside, they also fit together perfectly in bed. The pair are so incredibly turned on by each other, and have brought the perfect toys to make one another cum intensely…
Ersties Lena S. & Nicky F. Lesbian
Intimate Moments: Lena’s Sensitive Hands
In this Intimate Moment, Nicky and Lena quickly get into a lively conversation and discover that they have a lot in common. Nicky especially gets straight to the point and lets Lena know how much she wants to drag her into the bedroom. Well, it doesn’t take long until they can no longer hold themselves back! Once in the bedroom, the two girls film each other getting undressed and then Nicky orgasms intensely under Lena's skilled hands.
Ersties Lena S. & Nicky F. Lesbian
Intimate Moments: Doggy Style and Double Dildo
Lena likes doggy style and lets Nicky know that she enjoys being fingered from behind by stretching her sexy butt towards her invitingly. The two girls then have fun with a double dildo, before Nicky brings Lena to orgasm with her fingers and a Magic Wand.
Ersties Lena S. & Nicky F. Lesbian

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