Ersties Daisy W. 19 years - Masturbation - 15 June 2022 (1080p)

16-06-2022, 01:20
Surprises are not uncommon here at Ersties, and Daisy is no exception! As a car interior designer, the gentle 19-year-old has no lack of brains so sex with her is always hard and never boring!
Ersties Daisy W. Masturbation
PlayStation, Penises & Pop Socks – Daisy’s Ersties Debut
19-year-old Daisy from Southern Germany couldn’t really explore her blooming adolescence due to the coronavirus, so now she is more than ready for upcoming sex parties and new experiences! For this reason, the cutie is now part of the Ersties family and excited for her Ersties debut and very first time in front of a camera! As a gamer girl adorned in pop socks and hot pants, Daisy has us already wrapped around her little finger, but it’s her job as a car interior decorator that particularly impressed us! She’s creative with more than just cars, since in-bed vanilla sex is a no-go… Daisy is a dream girl who wows us with her humour, sensual curves and multiple orgasms!
Ersties Daisy W. Masturbation Ersties Daisy W. Masturbation
Fresh & Cheeky with Ersties
At a fresh 19 years old, German girl Daisy couldn’t really enjoy her late teenage years properly thanks to the coronavirus, missing out on going to parties and fucking whoever she wanted to. Nevertheless, this beauty knows that BDSM and anal sex are her kink. Innocent in sexy knee highs and hot pants that show off her sensual curves, she tells us more about cars, penises and gaming!
Ersties Daisy W. Masturbation
If You Know Your Way Around Cars…
…You will also know your way around your own body! The perfect example is car interior decorator Daisy who lets herself go to her naughty fantasies in her first Ersties shoot! Wearing tight hot pants and knee highs while playing with a console is a sexy dream come true… Especially as Daisy chases her dreams for multiple orgasms!
Ersties Daisy W. Masturbation
A Tender Gem
Our gem in today’s shoot is Daisy, who not only takes our breath away in pleasure with her gorgeous sexy curves and sensual touches, but also herself by coming very tenderly! One single orgasm is quite rare when Daisy masturbates, so be ready for multiple orgasm action!
Ersties Daisy W. Masturbation

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