Ersties Leanne & Tina T. Lesbian - 31 May 2022 (1080p)

31-05-2022, 22:57
Ersties Leanne & Tina T. Lesbian
Intimate Moments: Animalistic Pleasures
These two girls love all creatures and are gradually working toward owning enough animals for half a zoo. Tina T. lives near Prague and shares her life with a cat, a rabbit and a horse. Leanne has two sheepdogs who unfortunately hunt her two cats far too often... Before this cute chat about their pets, they got just as animalistic in their Ersties shoot! The pair shared a hotel room while traveling, where they also wanted to record a sexy video or two. But Tina couldn't wait and started before Leanne was even awake...
Ersties Leanne & Tina T. Lesbian
Getting up is always a rather annoying part of the day. But when your eyes open to the sound of Tina's suppressed moans, Leanne doesn't seem to mind. On the contrary, she immediately appears wide awake and aroused.
Ersties Leanne & Tina T. Lesbian
Intimate Moments: Get Up, It’s Orgasm O’Clock!
Leanne & Tina T. are taking a trip together and have decided to share a hotel room. Their idea was to record one or two sexy videos there, but hadn’t planned that Tina would start with a vibrator before Leanne was even awake. The first thing Leanne hears in the morning is Tina’s gentle moaning, but the recently awakened brunette doesn't complain one bit about this arousing alarm clock...
Ersties Leanne & Tina T. Lesbian
Intimate Moments: Wild Tongue Games
After a short ride, sexy scissor style, Leanne & Tina T. find their common rhythm eating each other out while 69ing. The two girls sink into each other and we lose ourselves in their incredibly natural and hot sight.
Ersties Leanne & Tina T. Lesbian

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