Ersties Medea Masturbation - 26 April 2022 (1080p)

26-04-2022, 23:00
Medea has beautiful long dark hair. In many different cultures, the spiritual power of a person is rooted in the hair. For Medea, she takes this further and believes her spirituality and sexuality lives within her whole, gorgeous body.
Ersties Medea Masturbation
Intimate Moments: Sexuality and Spirituality
Like her ancient namesake, Medea is full of extreme contrasts. She deals a lot with her spirituality and sexuality in the form of yoga, tantra and BDSM. In doing so, she not only explores various practices or the history of tantra and old Sanskrit writings, but also the depths of her own consciousness. Medea had her first heart-opening experience at a Swedish Tantra festival in Ängsbacka and since then, she has been traveling to India and Mexico to look for more. Right now, Medea is in Mexico and she tells us about her spiritual and sexual journey, before letting us watch her from numerous angles as she masturbates with relish.
Ersties Medea Masturbation
Insights Into the World of Crystals and BDSM
If you don't yet know how a chastity cage works or what the term cuckolding means, Medea will explain it to you. She also introduces us to a very special dildo, which we’ve never before seen at Ersties. The dildo looks particularly elegant as Medea slowly makes it disappear into her pussy.
Ersties Medea Masturbation Ersties Medea Masturbation
Crystal Massage
The sight of Medea's long hair is breathtaking as it falls down her beautiful back. This is only the beginning of this sexy shoot, because the adorable yoga teacher from Leipzig takes out her very special crystal dildo and uses it on her vagina and ass…
Ersties Medea Masturbation
Medea Likes It Full
During her interview, Medea told us that she likes big dildos and that it feels good to have them deep inside her when she masturbates. That's why the beautiful 24 year old has brought an amazingly large specimen with her, which she takes in deeply and satisfyingly.
Ersties Medea Masturbation

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