Ersties Jasmina, Desiree, Zora & Viviana - 5 March 2022 (1080p/photo)

7-03-2022, 18:28
Ersties Jasmina, Desiree, Zora & Viviana
Fabulous Foursome
Desiree, 23, and Zora, 27, both live in Berlin and have invited two of their favourite Ersties girls to visit. Jasmina, 27, travelled from London, and Viviana, 24, made her way from Barcelona to take part in this wild and pure girl orgy. Enjoy the sight of Viviana getting pleasured by the other three ladies, and don't miss Zora making out with Desiree while she's being penetrated by a strap-on. This special shoot is all about these four open-hearted women, lots of toys and no restraints! Enjoy group sex, Ersties style: 100% good vibes, 100% sexual compatibility, 100% real female pleasure.
Ersties Jasmina, Desiree, Zora & Viviana
Four different girls, with different lives, different tastes and different bodies combine to create an irresistible melange of boobs, lips, butts and thighs… Admire it all in this orgasm-oozing group sex special!
Ersties Jasmina, Desiree, Zora & Viviana

First There Is Fucking, Then There Is a Card Game
Let’s not beat around the bush! We've brought four interested Ersties girls together for an afternoon full of hot girl-on-girl action. If you want to get to know the ladies a little better before enjoying them naked, you can watch the hot after-sex card game where the girls tell us more about themselves. Do you feel the erotic energy that’s still in the air?
Ersties Jasmina, Desiree, Zora & Viviana

Increasing Intensity
After warming up with soft kisses and tender fingers, Jasmina, Zora, Desiree & Viviana now bring out strap-ons, dildos and vibrators for even more intense climaxes. This is a foursome that some of the Ersties team would have loved to participate in! Enjoy this beautiful tribute to group pleasure!
Ersties Jasmina, Desiree, Zora & Viviana

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