AbbyWinters Alexis W - Stretching - 28 March 2023

28-03-2023, 16:15
AbbyWinters Alexis W - Stretching
AbbyWinters Alexis W - Stretching - 28 March 2023
As she leans over the balcony, for an upskirt peek, Alexis has a mischievous twinkle in her eyes, behind her stylish glasses. She lifts up her top to reveal that one pink nipple has slipped out of her sports bra, and bites her lip with an innocent expression. Alexis brushes her blonde hair topless, then, takes off her cotton panties and playfully wraps a clear plastic belt around her lush breasts.
AbbyWinters Alexis W - Stretching AbbyWinters Alexis W - Stretching AbbyWinters Alexis W - Stretching
Alexis stands in the nude before a glass door, and cheekily presses her curvy bum against it. Looking delighted, she balances on one foot and gazes into the camera as her flawlessly smooth vulva is photographed from below. Then, Alexis gets in lots of flexible positions, so we can soak up the enticing sight of her fair-skinned nude figure. She giggles happily while placing both bare feet behind her head, to reveal her neat anus, then grabs her toes and invitingly spreads her slender legs wide apart, so we can admire her pussy.
AbbyWinters Alexis W - Stretching AbbyWinters Alexis W - Stretching
Charmingly vivacious new model Alexis has selected an outfit featuring her two favourite colours. "You can see my underwear is pink and my bra is purple!" she declares, flipping up her lavender skirt and taking off her top. Gazing through her wire-rimmed spectacles, she explains that she spends all of her free time reading, and inquires: "I think these glasses really fit me, what do you think?". Alexis casually pulls down her panties and slips off her bra, while discussing how much she loves to dance. After caressing her ample breasts and shaved vulva, she flashes a warm smile and performs a delightfully bouncy routine. Alexis tidies the flat in the nude, and her creamy complexion glows in the sunlight as she wiggles her bubble butt, while cleaning the window. She displays her flexibility by doing leg lifts and putting her bare feet behind her head, providing perfect views of her soft pink pussy. Alexis keeps her legs open while telling the beautiful story of her very first sexual experience, which was with her best friend. The two girls were stargazing on the roof, when Alexis confessed that she was getting horny. "She asked me if I wanted her to masturbate me! Of course I agreed: who wouldn't want that?" she giggles.
AbbyWinters Alexis W - Stretching

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