AbbyWinters Moona - Spreading Labia - 31 December 2022

31-12-2022, 20:41
AbbyWinters Moona - Spreading Labia
AbbyWinters Moona - Spreading Labia - 31 December 2022
Moona greets us on her doorstep, in a snug outfit that accentuates her hourglass figure. Her top hugs her chest so nicely, that she can't help but give it a loving squeeze, and her plaid shorts can barely contain her ample booty. She lets down her flowing hair, while playfully twisting her clothes, first making her perky nipples pop out, then revealing tiny thong panties. She starts peeling them off, before deciding to move out to her sunny balcony, to provide an intimate tour of every part of her dazzling nude figure.
AbbyWinters Moona - Spreading Labia AbbyWinters Moona - Spreading Labia AbbyWinters Moona - Spreading Labia
Moona gets on all fours and looks invitingly over her shoulder, while gripping her bum cheeks to show off her tight anus. Then, she opens her legs with an enchanting smile, and spreads her labia to proudly reveal the glistening pink inside. After brushing her dark tresses, Moona puts on a fluorescent green top sideways, so it only covers one of her boobs, and giggles as she continues touching herself. To give us the best view, she straddles the camera and gazes down, as her shaved pussy is shot from below.
AbbyWinters Moona - Spreading Labia AbbyWinters Moona - Spreading Labia
Soft-spoken Italian Moona cleans her pool overlooking the city skyline, wearing a tied-off top and shorts that her juicy bum cheeks peek out of, as she walks. She slips them off to reveal her brightly-coloured bikini bottoms, while sharing that she's planning a beach holiday in Mexico. As she splashes happily in the water, her dark areolas show through her wet white shirt. So she unties it and declares that she never wears bras because "I like to feel free and comfortable!". Once she's back in the pool, water droplets cascade over her perky bare breasts, while she flashes a joyful smile. Heading indoors, Moona drops her swimsuit around her ankles, uncovering her shaved pussy, then talks us through her masturbation routine. While demonstrating exactly how she strokes her clit, she explains that she enjoys pleasuring herself in the morning: "I'm relaxed and it's a good start of the day." Moona spreads her legs and puts her hips in the air to display her sensual curves, as she details her sexual philosophy. She's monogamous when it comes to love, but she prefers open relationships, so she can also have sex with her friends. When she stands in the nude on the balcony, her luxuriously long hair flutters in the soft breeze.
AbbyWinters Moona - Spreading Labia

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