AbbyWinters Dee V & Wendy T - Embarrassed Peeks - 28 November 2022

29-11-2022, 00:00
AbbyWinters Dee V & Wendy T - Embarrassed Peeks
AbbyWinters Dee V & Wendy T - Embarrassed Peeks - 28 November 2022
Dee shows Wendy the aromatic body lotion from her hotel room, and both girls massage it into their arms and shapely legs. Wendy nonchalantly takes off her top and asks Dee to put some more on her bare breasts, and Dee soon slips off her short dress to do the same. Dee's fingertips drift into her lacy panties, and both girls decide their neatly shaved vulvas need some moisturising. "Our pussies are going to be so silky-smooth!" Wendy exclaims. Dee proudly invites Wendy to look closely between her legs, and they both giggle as Wendy's eyes light up at what she finds: "Ooh, big clit angel! I love that for you!". With their legs akimbo, Dee and Wendy touch themselves side by side, and discover that they have the same technique, focusing only on external stimulation. Getting close enough so their thighs are touching, the girls close their eyes and get lost in the pleasure from their vigorous stroking. Dee rubs her creamy girlcum into her labia, as she reaches a breathy climax, and Wendy follows soon after, her entire body tensing up as she shudders in ecstasy. In the afterglow, the girls apply more soothing lotion into their satisfied bodies.
AbbyWinters Dee V & Wendy T - Embarrassed Peeks

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ComfortZone 29 November 2022 17:36
Thank you very much for the Abby Winters update. This is why I like Abby Winters. Two girls having an intimate or private moment together.
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