AbbyWinters Dalilah - Washing Nude Girls - 10 September 2022 (1080p)

10-09-2022, 23:37
AbbyWinters Dalilah - Washing Nude Girls
AbbyWinters Dalilah - Washing Nude Girls - 10 September 2022 (1080p)
Curly-haired Italian Dalilah prepares for an indulgent bubble bath with an array of creams and lotions, and even a candle to set the mood. She peels off her top with a sparkling smile to uncover a colourful bra, then drops her trousers and reveals her silky panties. Once she's naked, she eases into the sudsy water and delightedly plays with the foam, using it to decorate her pert breasts and bare feet. She drizzles body wash across her chest, and proceeds to shave her legs, making them perfectly smooth.
AbbyWinters Dalilah - Washing Nude Girls AbbyWinters Dalilah - Washing Nude Girls AbbyWinters Dalilah - Washing Nude Girls
After the bath, Dalilah straddles the camera as she dries off with a towel, providing an intimate view of her flawless shaved pussy. Then, she relaxes with her legs wide open, and rubs moisturising cream into her nipples and inner thighs, on either side of her fleshy labia. Dalilah displays her flexibility by putting her legs behind her shoulders, and balancing on one foot while raising the other above her head. As a finale, she picks up the candle and pours hot wax all over her nude body, creating beautiful patterns that extend from her boobs to her vulva.
AbbyWinters Dalilah - Washing Nude Girls AbbyWinters Dalilah - Washing Nude Girls
What on Earth could be more luxurious than relaxing in a sudsy bathtub? Inviting your friend to bring along a camera, and watch you! Dalilah is joined on her bubble bath adventure by cheeky model-turned-shoot-producer Madelaine, and they revel in giggling together and chatting about sexy things. Madelaine compliments Dalilah's peachy bum, as she wriggles out of her trousers, then picks up a watering can to help rinse the suds from her naked body. Dalilah details her fantasy of going to an orgy, where "everyone is so hot and excited". "It is a lot of fun, maybe I'll take you to one some time!", Madelaine announces. Dalilah shaves her legs, then lathers up her soft feet and smooth vulva, making them squeaky clean. Massaging coconut oil into her open thighs, she impresses Madelaine by demonstrating them most flexible positions she's had sex in. Dalilah explains the scent of her vagina reminds her of the salty air at the seaside, and sighs, "I really love the smell and taste of pussy!". "Me too!", Madelaine chimes in, and they laugh with delight. Dalilah picks up a candle and covers her bare breasts with hot wax, which drips down her tummy and inner thighs. "It looks so nice, like you've got icing all over you!" Madelaine exclaims, nestling the camera between her friend's legs to film her from below.
AbbyWinters Dalilah - Washing Nude Girls

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