AbbyWinters Josie L - By The Lake - 16 August 2022 (1080p)

16-08-2022, 19:31
AbbyWinters Josie L - By The Lake
AbbyWinters Josie L - By The Lake - 16 August 2022 (1080p)
It's a warm summer day in the forest, and Josie's dazzling smile reveals how excited she is for all the fun things in store for her, during her first shoot. She starts out doing yoga in her turquoise sundress, bending over to give us a cheeky upskirt peek, then slips out of it to reveal her perfectly pert breasts. After demonstrating martial arts kicks in her panties, she peels them off as well, and revels in feeling the bright sun kiss every part of her naked body. Wearing only her glasses, Josie relaxes on the ground in her inner tube, which is shaped like a giant frosted donut. Against a backdrop of lush greenery, she reaches up to hold onto a tree branch, showing her toned tummy and immaculate shaved pussy. After standing in the nude, while leaning against a tree trunk, Josie leaps into the lake to cool off. As wet tendrils of flowing brunette hair tickle her nipples, she laughs with delight while wiggling her bum and splashing in the water with her bare feet.
AbbyWinters Josie L - By The Lake AbbyWinters Josie L - By The Lake
AbbyWinters Josie L - By The Lake AbbyWinters Josie L - By The Lake
Surrounded by green leaves in a serene forest, Josie relaxes in a sundress and explains that nature is her favourite place to be. She heads outdoors every day to walk or swim, and finds it peaceful to be away from people and among plants and animals. She's also passionate about martial arts, and demonstrates her powerful Capoeira and karate moves, which provide cheeky upskirt peeks. Then, she removes her dress and continues punching and kicking in her comfy blue panties. Once she tugs them around her ankles, she reveals another way she connects with the natural world: "I really love to go to the nudist beach!". Josie stands naked wearing her adorable glasses, and shares how much she loves her blue-grey eyes and lush breasts. "When I walk down the stairs, I always touch my boobs!" she giggles, then lets us admire how they bounce during vigorous nude jump-roping. Josie strolls through the woods, offering beautiful views of her creampuff bottom and flawlessly smooth pussy. Then, she hops in the lake to playfully splash in her donut-shaped inner tube, and the camera follows her graceful body underwater, as she swims. Popping out with her wavy brown hair dripping wet, Josie flashes the sparkling smile of a girl completely at one with nature.
AbbyWinters Josie L - By The Lake

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