AbbyWinters Ulyana & Helena R - Special Massage - 5 August 2022 (1080p)

5-08-2022, 18:34
AbbyWinters Ulyana & Helena R - Special Massage
AbbyWinters Ulyana & Helena R - Special Massage - 5 August 2022 (1080p)
As they sit together on the massage table, Ulyana gently rubs Helena's shoulders, then peels off her t-shirt and unzips her shorts. Lying face down in her lingerie, Helena savours the feeling of Ulyana's skilled hands kneading into the muscles of her neck and her firm bum cheeks. When Helena flips over, the girls make sparkling eye contact and begin kissing, as Ulyana slips her hand into Helena's panties. Soon, they're both naked and ready to enjoy even more intimate forms of touch together, as Helena opens her legs to feel Ulyana's tongue lapping her soft shaved pussy.
AbbyWinters Ulyana & Helena R - Special Massage AbbyWinters Ulyana & Helena R - Special Massage
With a cheeky grin, Helena pulls down Ulyana's undies and nestles her face between her friend's warm thighs, gazing up adoringly, as she licks. Hopping onto the table together, the girls indulge in spirited scissoring, eagerly groping each other's bare breasts as their smooth vulvas rub together. Then, Helena sits on Ulyana's face, shutting her eyes tight, as a pink blush rises on her cheeks, and she feels her orgasm coming. In the afterglow, the girls make out and caress each other's satisfied naked bodies all over.
AbbyWinters Ulyana & Helena R - Special Massage AbbyWinters Ulyana & Helena R - Special Massage
"I'm really bisexual, and I can't live without girls!" Ulyana exclaims, then confesses that she adores her friend Helena's slender figure. That creates bubbling sexual tension when Ulyana offers to take off Helena's clothes, a give her a massage in her lingerie. Her skilled hands soothe Helena's back and thighs, then plunge into her cotton panties while they share deep kisses. Ulyana begs to be undressed as well and, once she's naked, nestles her face between Helena's legs to lick and stroke her vulva. "It's a pussy massage!" Ulyana giggles, and Helena's toes curl as she announces her first blissful orgasm. "You're a superstar! Can I make pleasure for you, too?" Helena sweetly asks. She inserts her fingers deep inside and sucks Ulyana's clit, making her thighs quiver, as she moans in ecstasy. During an energetic round of tribbing, Ulyana watches happily as Helena is overcome with arousal, and their ponytails and perky breasts bounce wildly. A passionate 69 lets both girls savour the sweet taste of each other's smooth pussies, until Helena sits on Ulyana's face for an incredibly intense final climax, leaving her flushed bright red. While they catch their breath, the girls cuddle, make out and lavish each other with compliments. Helena promises to return often to partake of Ulyana's services: "You're an amazing massage girl!"
AbbyWinters Ulyana & Helena R - Special Massage

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ComfortZone 6 August 2022 00:14
Thank you for an amazing Abby Winters lesbian update.
I can't live without girls!, Ulyana exclaims
wink wink smiley
Irishka 6 August 2022 01:51
ComfortZone, scream grinning smile
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